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Charge - Combo of 3 Tubes - Orange Flavour

 How to boost immunity?
Don't lose out on life every time you fall sick. Boost your immunity with natural Vitamin C and Zinc.

  • Natural Vitamin C for an immunity boost
  • Strengthens and maintains daily immunity
  • Helps prevent daily infection
  • Provides Antioxidant Support

How To Use: Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink after any meal. Not to consume on empty stomach.

Disclaimer: As the product contains natural extracts, the taste of the final product may vary slightly due to the change of seasons and their growing conditions.

Fast&Up Charge in all-new packaging with the same promise to help build your immunity

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Terra - Organic Spirulina Plus - 100 Servings - For Iron and Immunity

  • 100 Servings, USDA Organic, Raw and Natural Superfoods with Iron Booster Blend
  • 100 % Vegan, Plant Based Iron, Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps absorb iron
  • Supports red blood cell formation, immunity, energy and general well-being
  • No sugar, medicinal taste, constipation, side effects or toxicity
  • How To Use: Scoop 3g (Approx.1/2 tsp) in water or healthy beverage, Stir well and Drink.

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