Fast&Up Plant-Based Fitness Bundle

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Fast&Up Terra - Energy Superfoods - 30 Servings

  • 30 scoops, High quality Caffeine free plant based energy superfood
  • Superfood for enhancing metabolism and energy
  • Supports mental and physical performance
  • Boosts focus, energy and attention without crash

How To Use: Add 1 serving (5g) in water or any other healthy beverage

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Fast&Up Terra - Plant Protein - 30 Servings - Ghana Chocolate 

  • High-Quality Informed-Sport Certified Plant Protein Isolate (Pea + Brown Rice) Per Scoop
  • 5.8 g BCAA, 5.5 g Glutamine for Muscle Building, Recovery and General well-being
  •  Added Vegan MCT’s and Beetroot Extract for Energy
  • Ghana Chocolate Flavour
  • How To Use: Add 1 scoop (45g) in 500 ml of water or your favourite smoothie. Shake well and Drink 

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Fast&Up Terra - Active Greens - Supergreens & Superfoods Powder

  • Fast&Up Terra Active Greens is a Superfood Greens & Herbs powder with a high-quality blend of 11 Superfoods and Greens. It is a plant-based drink that improves immunity, digestion and detoxifies the body naturally.
  • Helps in detox & cleanse for improved health and supports weight management. Good addition for those who follow intermittent fasting.
  • Helps boost immunity, daily energy, brain & heart health with a well-balanced formulation and premium quality ingredients, Fast&Up Terra Active Greens is something that can be had by your entire family irrespective of age.
  • Pure and Clinically Proven Extracts, No Added Sugar. Fast&Up Terra Active Greens is unflavoured to give it versatility and gives you the freedom to use it in various ways for daily health.
  • HOW TO USE: Add 1 scoop (7g) in 200 ml of water, Stir well and Drink. The powder can be added to smoothies and also be stirred into fruits, vegetable juices, and/or buttermilk which gives the drink a green colour.

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Fast&Up Terra - Plant based Joint Care - 120 Capsules

  • Vegan Joint Care supplement with clinically proven and standardized natural Rosehip powder with naturally occurring Galactolipids vital for joint care
  • Contributes to protect cartilage, reduce joint pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness
  • Helps manage and prevent symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • Help protect the joints of active people from damage and promotes enhanced joint comfort, mobility and flexibility
  • How To Use: Take 2 capsules twice a day after every meal

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Fast&Up Tote Bag

Handmade with love, handmade for change! staying true to our belief to sustainability and empowering more home-grown brands - our Fast&Up tote bags are made by the women of Aftertaste, an NGO run for women empowerment. The tote bag is airy and perfect for carrying your essentials for gym, work or a beach holiday!





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