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Amino Acids Supplements for Faster Muscle Recovery

Faster recovery is essential to keep you on track with your fitness schedule. This means you need an ideal post workout drink that can provide an optimal combination of amino acids, L-Glutamine, L-arginine and essential BCAAs that help in muscle tissue recovery.

This muscle recovery drink is important because if you exercise on tired or worn out muscles, you risk permanent damage. Our BCAA Recovery Supplement in India synthesizes protein and prevents further muscle-protein breakdown.

L-Arginine Supplements Online Can help Recover Faster

In the body, arginine changes into Nitric Oxide which is necessary to improve circulation and help blood vessels relax. The BCAAs amino acids supplements help in synthesizing proteins and balancing biological molecular processes. This in turn fosters muscle building, lowers fatigue and prevents cramps. Since you are providing your body with BCAAs supplement in India immediately after the workout, broken down muscles repair faster. So, drop our effervescent tablets in water and drink within 30 minutes of your workout. You will actually feel more energized than you felt before your workout.

Post Workout Amino Acids Effervescent Tablets Online

FastandUp BCAA
Per tablet, the Fast&Up Recover contains 334 KCal of energy which is exactly what you need after a strenuous workout. This helps preventing fatigue. Your body requires a minimum of 0.8g protein per kg of lean body weight.

Since proteins are the building blocks of muscle, you need to ensure that you consume the required amount every day. With our amino acids effervescent tablets, you consume 32g protein in one go! That’s your job already half done!

A balanced diet will help you stay healthy and our amino acids effervescent tablets will help you stay fit and maintain the right body mass. These post workout supplements are the perfect in-betweens, from the time of your workout routine to your next meal.

You don't need to look beyond our amino acids effervescent tablets for muscle recovery. In addition to this, the optimal combination of L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and BCAAs help your immune system stay in tip top shape. So, just drop, dissolve and drink; don't think!

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Payday Sale - Up to 50% OFF + Free Immunity Booster