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  • Choose between 5K Race & 5K Social
  • Minimum age to Participate: 18+
    Born on or before 26th January 2004
  • Registrations last date: 28th Jan 2022

Join The Club


Join 'FastandUp Runners' club on Strava.

  • Leaderboards will be updated every 2hr
  • Data from Strava will sync automatically
  • For 5K Race :
    -Run with GPS watches that support FITfiles
    -Sync data to your Strava.

Check Race Rules*




Run anytime/anyday during Event
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  • You can run as many times as you want
    We will take your best time from Strava.*
  • Follow the rules set by local authorities on social distancing and public activity
  • Your safety is of prime importance when running on road


5K RACE (Cash Prizes)
For those who love racing REGISTRATION FEE : ₹399

  • ₹300 cash voucher shall be given to all 5K Race participants that can be redeemed on
  • Cash Prizes for Top-5 Women & Men across 9 age categories
  • More details shall be shared via mail, SMS & our social media
  • Choose your own route
  • Record activity in a GPS watch that support FITFiles

5K Social
For those who love running REGISTRATION FEE : FREE

  • ₹150 Cash discount voucher shall be given to all 5K Social participants that can be redeemed on
  • Discount vouchers for Top-5 Women & Men across 9 age categories
  • More details shall be shared via mail, SMS & our social media
  • Choose your own route
    Record your activity without interruption

* Registration closes on 27th Aug 2021



  • Data retrieved automatically from Strava every 2h.
  • Separate leaderboards for
    Men/Women | Age categories | Running groups


  • Customized leaderboards for running groups
  • BiBs & Certificates will have your Group Name


1.What is the entry fee for the FAST&UP FIZZTIVAL RUN 3rd Edition?

a. There are 2 categories.
i. Competitive category (with prize money), the registration fee is INR 399 /-
ii. Noncompetitive category, free to participate, participants only need to register.

2.What is the minimum age to participate in the race?

a. Minimum age is 18 years. Those who are born on or before 26th January 2004 are allowed to participate in the race.

3.What are the race distances?

a. Race distance is 5 kms.

4.What is the last date for registration?

a. Last date to register is 28th Jan 2022

5.Can we do bulk registrations for our running group?

a. Bulk registrations are not allowed at the moment.

6.Do I need to submit any proofs for age and identify?

a. We require your proof of age, identity, and also link to the timing certificate of a past race.
We shall ask these details before declaring winners
You can submit either - driving license, pan card, passport or Aadhaar card.

7.What are the prize categories for the competitive race?

A Minimum of 5 qualified participants should be there in a prize category in order for prizes to be announced

8.What are the age categories for the race?

a. 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 & >60year

9.Is there a city wise winner as well?

a. We do not have city wise winners

10.Can I get a refund, if I don’t run?

a. Once registered for 5K Race , you can’t get a refund even if you don’t run.

1.Can I choose my own route?

Please Refer Race Rules.

2.Can I run on the treadmill?

a. Nope, runs on treadmills will not be accepted.

3.How do I show proof of my run?

a. Participants, once they have registered, need to join the FastandUp Runners Club on Strava
b. Your registered timing on Strava will be taken as final
c. FITfiles are to be submitted upon request & for the winners, FITfiles are must to claim the Prize money

4.Can I run at any time of the day?

a. Yes, you can run any time during the days as mentioned below.

Start Day 00:00 22nd Jan 2022
End Day 23:59 30th Jan 2022

5.How many times can I attempt the race?

a. You can run as many times during the race duration, mentioned above.
b. Best of your attempts(timings) will be taken, as shown in Strava.

6.What are the other rules that I need to follow?

a. Be honest to yourself and run well.
b. You cannot stop the watch/device/app during the race, even if you take breaks.
c. Any manipulation with recorded GPS activity will result in invalidating your race timing entry.
d. Follow all the local rules set by authority around social distancing and public activity.
e. Please ensure your safety when running on roads.

1.How do I know my position in the race?

a. We will be publishing leaderboards every day on FAST&UP FIZZTIVAL RUN website.
b. Data from Strava will be taken automatically.

2.How frequently do you update the leaderboards?

a. Leaderboards will be updated every 2hrs.

3.Which all devices are qualified to record the timing?

a. For 5K Race (competitive) category:
Participants should run with a GPS watch that provide FITfiles such as Garmin, Polar, etc., and sync the data to Strava.
Participants must also submit the FIT file for our validation if you are in the top 5.
PS: All activity files, apart from FITfile, are not allowed as a proof.

b. For 5K Social (non-competitive) category:
Participant can use any GPS watch/App to record your race.
You have to sync it to Strava.
Participant can also use the Strava app.

4.Will I get a Finishers certificate?

a. Yes, all participants will get a Finishers e-certificate

1.What is the prize money?

a. Prize money is only in 5K Race category and will be given to runners who finish Top 5 positions in respective age categories (for both Men and Women).

First Prize INR 10,000
Second Prize INR 7,500
Third Prize INR 5,000
Fourth Prize INR 2,500
Fifth Prize INR 1,000

b. There is no prize money for non-competitive category.

2.When will the results be announced?

a. Results will be announced after validation of FIT files by our team. It would take a couple of weeks.
b. Please support us by sending FIT files as soon as we reach you for validation.

3.How do I get informed if I win the prize?

a. You will be notified through email and/or mobile. We will also announce it on our Race website, Social-media and Strava club.