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Effervescent Multivitamin Tablets For All Round Nutrition

Adequate nutrition is synonymous to providing your body the required amount of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs; in short - nutrients - on a daily basis. And that is exactly what our effervescent multivitamin tablets aim to do. These will help you stay away from all deficiency related diseases. Read on to understand how our effervescent multivitamin tablets help you gain all round nutrition.

The Perfect Multivitamin Supplements In India - Fast&Up Vitalize

The Fast&Up Vitalize comes as a monthly pack of three, each containing 20 effervescent multivitamin tablets. All you have to do is drop one tablet in a glass of water and you have a multivitamin drink in India that is complete in itself. Our effervescent multivitamin tablets cover a range of nutrients - 9 minerals, 12 vitamins and nitrate-rich beetroot extract. The extract contains 7% natural nitrate content.

This unique composition makes our multivitamin drinks in India an all-in-one drink. The effervescence quality makes the drinks easy to digest. This helps your body absorb nutrients, into its blood, faster. Furthermore, the natural nitrate content keeps your heart healthy by promoting good blood circulation.

Why Our Multivitamin Drinks In India Are A Worthy Choice

Despite putting up our best efforts, in this fast paced modern world, we usually find it difficult to maintain a healthy intake of nutrients on a daily basis. And forget organic! This is why our nutritional experts put their heads together and came up with the Fast&Up Vitalize - an all-in-one pack of effervescent multivitamin tablets.

As explained above, these tablets have the essential nutrients, namely vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, K, A, B3, B9, calcium, magnesium, etc., you require everyday in the right proportions.The minerals and phytonutrients together fill up the nutritional gaps in your diet enabling your body to be strong enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. All you need to drop one of these effervescent multivitamin tablets in a glass of water and drink. You are good to go!

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