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An instant energy boost can be a lifesaver when you're in the middle of an important game. Our compact and convenient drinks and energy gels that you can consume during a workout are engineered to give you an immediate rejuvenation.

Our drinks are infused with the most easily absorbed carbohydrates and various essential electrolytes to keep your body and mind hydrated and focused. Every human being has a limited amount of stamina. No matter how hard your train, it is natural to feel tired after a certain amount of exertion. This is where we come in. Our during workout supplements and sports nutrition supplements will get you revitalized and enthusiastic for your next workout in no time!

Whether you are a professional athlete or sportsperson, or just someone who is passionate about fitness, Fast & Up has the best pre, post and during workout supplements online in India for an easy and healthy re-fuel!

Pre, Post and During Workout Supplements


We make multivitamin supplements, sports nutrition supplements, protein supplements and pre, post and during workout supplements with the purpose of giving fitness enthusiasts a unique, healthy and intelligent option of supplements.

Our team of researchers have persevered to innovate in the sphere of during workout supplements. Our drinks and energy gels are formulated with a nurturing combination of maltodextrin and caffeine to give you 102 KCal of instant energy packed into a single sachet of an energy gel. Without the use of any banned substances, we can give you the ideal during workout supplements for any endurance activity.

Why Our Energy Gels Work

Our body takes a long time to break down and absorb carbohydrates, and then procure energy from them. Maltodextrin is an exception as it gives you energy almost immediately after consumption, especially when it is consumed with our supplements which are particularly effective due to our proprietary Liquigel technology.

Concentrated into our during workout supplements is also caffeine in healthy amounts. Therefore, this dense formula works wonders in keeping you alert and dynamic during workout by releasing adrenaline and stimulating the body to release into the bloodstream.

Our during workout supplements are also extremely easy to digest and absorb and will not cause any gastrointestinal discomfort during workout. Our energy gels are very convenient. Just bite, squeeze and drink! Our drinks are also simple to use; just drop, dissolve and drink!

We do not compromise on taste either. We have numerous different flavours, that you can conveniently order online. Visit our website today!

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Payday Sale - Up to 50% OFF + Free Immunity Booster