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Bodybuilding Supplements for Speedy Muscle Growth

Training intensely is not all there is to bodybuilding! Bodybuilding supplements are crucial for the recovery of muscle fiber that is torn during workout. In modern society, it is important to constantly be vigilant of your health and diet.

Your everyday food consumption is often overloaded with nutritional gaps. Our bodybuilding supplements in India are one of the largest and can cater to your needs whether you are a professional athlete, sportsperson or simply a fitness enthusiast.

There is a common misconception that bodybuilding supplements are not really necessary, or even unhealthy. This has been scientifically proven to be wrong. If you are serious about achieving results, you must use the right bodybuilding supplements. Neglecting bodybuilding nutrition while working out could result in dangerous consequences as it becomes an obstacle for the healing process.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of essential ingredients that our supplements contain in order to augment the process of building muscle.


Whey Protein Supplements

Quality protein supplements are indispensable for bodybuilding nutrition. Our supplements stimulate protein synthesis and enhance the muscle mass of your body. Whey protein bodybuilding supplements India in our online store are extremely convenient to consume and benefit biological processes at a cellular level.

Use these bodybuilding supplements immediately post-workout and early in the morning, or as per the directions of your trainer for best results.

Supplements of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

We have engineered an intelligent combination of BCAAs that will exponentially boost muscle recovery. There are only three amino acids that can be metabolised directly by muscle tissue, and are therefore essential for bodybuilding nutrition. It is important that these are consumed post-workout. With our proprietary energy gels technology, we ensure that these BCAAs are in a convenient, tasty and healthy form.

L-Glutamine Supplements

Unlike BCAAs, L-Glutamine is considered a ‘conditionally’ essential amino acid, which is actually vital to our body. Around sixty percent of the free-form amino acids circulating in the bloodstream and tissue of our muscles are constituents of L-Glutamine. Other tissues in the body besides the muscle often feel the need for this amino acids and will take from the built-up reserves for purposes like immunity. Supplementing L-Glutamine will make a significantly positive difference in your workout routine.

Fast & Up have one hundred percent vegetarian bodybuilding supplements made in India to supplement L-Glutamine. When your muscles endure the stress of a workout, they will draw upon this amino acid to recover, and it is important to supplement it so that the reserve is never depleted.

Creatine Drinks and Energy Gels

Scientific studies have proven that creatine is a critical part of bodybuilding nutrition. Not only does it help inflate muscle mass with protein, it helps in their hydration.

This is a compound that the body naturally produces in the kidney, pancreas and liver. When it is circulated through the bloodstream and reaches the muscle, it transforms into creatine phosphate and contributes to the production of the energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is what enables the muscles to contract and relax and generate power, especially an increased amount during a short flurry of activity, like exercise.

However, the body cannot produce enough of ATP to promote growth of muscle cells, only enough for cellular functions. So to facilitate this entire process, creatine bodybuilding supplements are a must for those keen on that ripped six-pack body. One teaspoon of our supplement every day can give you as much creatine as in about two kilograms of meat.

Omega-3 Supplements

This nutrient is usually absorbed by the body from seafood, especially fish fat. However, due the effects of climate change on our environment and toxic practices in the industry, it is not ideal to rely solely on these sources anymore. Fish oil omega-3 bodybuilding supplements in India Fast & Up store can assist in the smooth circulation of blood and deliver the protein and carbohydrates to muscle fiber.

There are also several other benefits to fish oil omega-3 supplements like accelerating fat loss by maximising the rate of metabolism, lubrication of bone joints and maintenance of cardiovascular health. Take the recommended serving with your morning and afternoon meals as per a professional's recommendation and you can see the results!

Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamin supplements contribute not only to bodybuilding nutrition, but in general to the healthy performance of basic cellular functions. Certain vitamins like vitamin-C, A and E (or the ‘antioxidants') are held in high regard by health and fitness enthusiasts. But only the combination of the key vitamins and minerals in specific proportions as appropriate can truly make a difference in your health regimen. However, it is possible that the ubiquitous pesticides in agriculture topple this perfect balance of vitamin ratios.

We have the best multivitamin supplements, and all the other vital bodybuilding supplements in our online store in India.

It is impossible to maintain a perfectly balanced and healthy diet in modern society and supplements are now strongly recommended by doctors and scientists to prevent negative effects of climate change, pesticides and other such factors that are out of our control. So if you have the intention of building muscle, take the right bodybuilding supplements for speedy muscle growth!

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