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Zinc for Covid-19

Zinc is an essential element for the body responsible for catalytic activity of enzymes, proper functioning of the immune system, synthesis of genetic materials, and maintaining cell integration. Being an essential nutrient, zinc cannot be produced or stored in the body and is required to be supplied through diet and supplements. An average adult needs 10-15 mg/day zinc to meet the recommended dietary allowance.

Covid-19 is an RNA virus. According to proven studies, good concentrations of intracellular zinc in the body efficiently impairs the replication of RNA viruses, including Covid by blocking RdRp activity. Zinc possesses several antiviral activities which generate both innate and acquired (humoral) immune responses and stabilization of cell membrane by inhibiting the entry of the virus.

Zinc also acts as an antioxidant and prevents free radical-induced injury during inflammatory processes. It boosts the immune system and is needed for proper development and functioning of the body’s defences and those cells mediating nonspecific immunity such as neutrophils and natural killer cells.

Fast&Up Zinc is formulated with 12 mg Elemental Zinc sulphate and 20 mg Standardized Tulsi Extract and helps strengthen and safeguard daily immunity by providing strong defence against the harmful pathogens around us.

Zinc acts as Gatekeeper for Immune Functions and Low zinc can be a threat to the immune system. Functions of different types of immune cells can be impaired by Zinc deficiency and studies have shown that people who are deficient in zinc might be more susceptible to infections or illnesses.

Evidence suggests that Covid-19 is more common in people with a weaker immune system. Covid-19 patients that have significantly lower zinc levels, have a greater tendency of developing complications. A strong immunity is a collective outcome of many factors, zinc being one of the crucial ones.

Fast&Up Zinc is uniquely formulated with strong antiviral agents - Zinc and Tulsi, accompanied with Effervescent Technology and ensures to fulfil daily requirements by providing 100% RDA of Zinc, i.e., 12 mg Zinc and with no extra sugar. It promotes antiviral activity for strong defence against harmful pathogens such as Covid-19. It offers superior benefits with faster absorption and bioavailability compared to normal Zinc tablets or capsules which might offer delayed absorption and poor bioavailability.

Tulsi has also been traditionally known to strengthen the immunity against illnesses by enhancing immunological responses of the body. Modern research has proven that Tulsi has anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that include activity against many viral pathogens responsible for human infections. Zinc with added Standardized Tulsi Extract helps boost the immune system and fight infectious diseases like covid-19.

Zinc improves immune health, resulting in lower infection rates and less severe disease progression. Hence, zinc should be included as part of preventative supplementation for COVID-19 and in general for support of immunity. Zinc supplementation should also be considered in the case of zinc deficiency acquired during a viral infection and host immune response.

Vaishnavi Gadi

-Expert and Writer