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World Health Day 2021: 5 Tips to Maintain your General Health

Published : Apr 07, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

World Health Day

On 7th April, people across the globe will be celebrating World Health Day. This day has been an important event to raise awareness regarding various health issues faced by many people across the world. This day was conceptualised by the World Health Organisation to throw light on an important health topic every year. While taking care of health is not a luxury but a necessity, our busy lifestyle and stress end up creating several challenges to good health. Here are 5 important tips to maintain your health in general –

1. Be Aware

Be aware of the current situation in your surroundings. Make sure that the places you go are safe and are taking umpteen measures to ensure the health and safety of all the other individuals as well. Use the power of social media to make your friends, family and society aware of the threat that is looming large and what necessary steps needed to be taken to make sure that all are protected and healthy.

2. Build a Strong Immunity

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of building a strong immunity for good health. Also, considering the situation in the country, the focus is back on health and especially on building strong immunity. The key to building a strong immunity is adopting the right nutrition and this is possible with the help of including such food items which have Vitamin C in abundant quantity as Vitamin C is a proven nutrient that helps to build and maintain a strong immune system. 

Boost Your Immune System - World Health Day 2021

3. Hydrate to Beat the Heat

Summer is here and temperatures are sky-rocketing making everyone sweat a lot. When you sweat you lose important salts and minerals from the body. This may cause many issues like fatigue, muscle cramps, sleepiness, no or low energy to work, etc. Thus, regularly hydrating yourself with essential electrolytes is the precondition to ensure that dehydration doesn’t affect your health in any way. Keep hydrating yourself from time to time and don’t wait for the body to get completely dehydrated.

4. Mental Health cannot be Neglected!

Mental Health cannot be Neglected! - World Health Day 2021

Mental peace is quite a significant aspect of good health and a happy lifestyle as when you are mentally fit and healthy your brain is working smoothly and carrying out all the body functions with ease. Mental fitness is greatly associated with physical fitness and daily activities like running, cycling, yoga, meditation, etc. can benefit along with eating the right food which contains wholesome nutrients. This will help you to be stress-free and happy.

5. Appreciate & Help Health Workers

The theme of World Health Day 2021 is to appreciate the efforts that Health Workers have put in throughout the last year and a half towards the health and safety of society and the whole world and to help them achieve a sustainable and healthy life. By helping these frontline workers, you will encourage them to be in good health which will ultimately enable them to reach out to more people facing health issues. This will help build a society with good people who are healthy too.

World Health Day 2021 will be a good opportunity to review your health and take the right steps towards a healthy and better lifestyle which includes strengthened immunity, active lifestyle, superior physical and mental fitness and general wellbeing. Mark the date in your calendar and start your journey towards a healthier future.

Neel Visaria
Health and Fitness

Neel is an expert blogger who just loves writing about health and fitness. He makes sure that his blogs are fun to read but also informative. Neel is committed to spread awareness through his blogs... Read More

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