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Let the music take the lead
Isha Samtani

Generally we all prefer to have a curated playlist before we start with our workout sessions, there is no denying in it that the music and workout goes hand in hand, it all comes down to the rhythm that aligns which makes you go harder, and having an updated playlist is so important in order to maintain the excitement level of every time workout. Adage! New playlist, more motivation!

The best part of music is, it makes you work out even more then you usually can, activate your-self from within if you can.

“One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” –Bob Marley


Here are some handful of songs to boost you up while you work out:

1.       Animal I have become- Three days grace


 2.      Save me- Shine down (Cut the chord)

3.       Bad liar- Imagine dragons

4.       Zedd- katy perry


5.       Dumb Blonde- Avril lavigne feat. Nicki Minaj


6.       Please Me- Cardi B and Bruno Mars

7.       Bebe Rexha- Last Hurrah

8.       Playboy style- Clean Bandit

9.       Clean Bandit- Baby

10.       Flume- Never be like you feat. Kai


11.       Sia- Cheap thrills feat. Sean Paul

With the right music- we get pumped its true, music is undoubtedly the essential but along with that it is also important to fuel your body time to time while you work out.

Hydrate! Because dehydration is deadly.

Hydrate with India’s First effervescent Informed-Choice Electrolyte!

Fast&Up reload is a during workout supplement, which is made up with a perfect blend of Antioxidants, electrolytes, and carbohydrates.


12.       One kiss- Dua lipa


13.       Till I collapse- Eminem

14.       Bad at love(Dhillon francis remix)

15.       Fade- Kanye west

16.       Non Stop- Drake

Go Non-Stop while you work out, do not let dehydration take you down. Your hydration fuel Fast&Up Reload is available in three refreshing flavors Citrus, Cola and Berry.

The best part is that there is no added sugar in Reload.

Sip in Healthy!

                                  Update your playlist and enjoy your workout sessions to the fullest also, do not forget to fuel up!






Get Free Sipper on orders above INR.750 *Not applicable on COD Orders*
Get Free Sipper on orders above INR.750 *Not applicable on COD Orders*