Movember Raises Awareness- Save A Bro, Grow Your Mo!

Why Movember Matters?

It is much mo-re than a Mo

MovemberBlog1What is Movember?

Movember is an awareness movement where you can joke about things and have a fun time with friends! Movember is an amazing movement that intends to raise awareness about diseases that affect male health and this is why Movember is so important. It is not a movement that you do just to be silly, but to make people be aware, think & join themselves to stand united against cancer. Here is a list of reason why it matters to Movember!

1. Movember Raises Awareness

Growing your moustache in Movember is a badge of honor. When you grow a moustache, you are pledging to help men across the world help fight against prostate and testicular cancer. This is an issue that needs awareness for variety of reasons, first being that some view them as ?embarrassing? diseases and hence keep quiet about them. Media coverage about these diseases is also low leading to lesser awareness. The truth of today is that these type of cancer are responsible for deaths of thousands of men every year. More coverage leads to more awareness and hence more people striving to find a cure. Another very important reason is to make more men get themselves checked regularly for prostate and testicular cancer since early detection is the easiest way to overcome cancer.

2. #RunMoRun


By growing their moustache, men all across the world are taking a stand and saying that we stand with our brothers that have been affected by these horrible diseases. This Movember, special attention has been paid to physical fitness & mental health. Moving regularly can reduce the risk of?? heart disease, diabetes & cancer by up to 50%. Depression is a big battle the world has to fight with a united front. An active lifestyle is known to help reduce mild to moderate depression by production of endorphins in the body (the ?feel good? hormone) #RunMoRun allows people of the non-moustache gender a way to get involved. It is particularly encouraging the participation of women, also know as, Mo-Sistas! While Movember is still wholeheartedly dedicated to the moustache, the active lifestyle angle is another weapon in their arsenal in the global fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. This Movember try something new, shake up your routine and move in unusual ways. #RunMoRun is your oyster! Challenge yourself this Movember, talk about your challenges, inspire people and spread awareness about Movember!

3. Movember MattersMovemberBlog3

Movember is more than a trend, it is a movement that aims to ensure that men all over the world get the help that they need. Increasing awareness is of paramount importance, hence you should take the effort to ?Grow Your Mo? for the Movember! Save A Bro, Grow Your Mo! If you like this article, help spread the Movement by sharing the article.