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Why Leading Athletes Swear By This Nutrition

In the highly competitive nature of today’s sport, scientifically-backed nutrition is a huge asset that can elevate an athlete’s game and provide that extra edge to one’s performance during training.

That’s why Fast&Up’s intelligent nutrition has become a staple amongst Indian athletes who are either professional or amateur. With the assurance of trust (certified Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice logos), Fast&Up nutritional fuel delivers uncompromised banned-substance tested supplements that deliver powerful results. They do so by keeping you overall healthy, energized and optimized through intelligent nutrition. As the Official Nutrition Partner of the Chennai Super Kings Fast&Up is the choice of Indian athletes. To elucidate on this more, here’s a summarization of why athletes swear by this brand of nutrition:

Enhanced Hydration

If there’s one thing common amongst all athletes, is that they sweat a lot! By nature of their intense training athletes lose a lot of essential nutrients through their sweat and need to replace it otherwise they risk the chance of dehydration, fatigue and a host of other negative consequences. A fast and effective solution to this is found in these effervescent electrolyte supplements as they contain the complete profile of electrolytes and low sugar which leads to maximum hydration. Often seen used between water breaks in cricket, it is often referred to as the pink drink of cricket!

Fast&up Super Nutrition Partner of CSK

Fast&up Clean Nutrition Supplements

Workout Fuel 

Fast&Up has an explosive range of workout fuel that fulfils your nutritional need at every stage of your workout. From their pre-workout supplements to their muscle recovery supplements, and post-workout glutamine, Fast&Up provides high-quality nutrition that also happens to come in delicious flavours!

Nourishes Overall Health

As India’s no.1 selling immunity booster- Charge is the go-to supplement to strengthen immunity with natural vitamin C and added Zinc. This is derived from real Amlas which is known to be a very rich source of natural vitamin C. In addition to this fantastic supplement, Fast&Up has released a new Curcumin supplement to provide a stronger shield for your immunity with the power of Turmeric (well-known in Ayurvedic medicine for its health boosting properties). As athletes need to protect their health at all costs, drinking Charge has quickly become a staple morning ritual for athletes! Fast&Up also has India’s first Informed-Sport Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements which enrich a healthy life.

Fast&up Plant Nutrition Supplements

Plant-Based Nutrition

Fast&Up’s Terra range has rapidly become the choice of plant-based nutrition for athletes across India- as their Plant Protein has become the choice of protein for the likes of Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal and many more! It delivers a whopping 34g of protein with added coconut MCT’s for an energy boost. In addition the Terra range also has amazing products that nourish and energize like their- Active Greens and Spirulina. In fact, Spirulina is considered to be the world’s healthiest superfood!

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