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Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

Published : Jul 25, 2017 6 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

The mark of a great athlete at any level is one that is able to train at the desired intensity on a consistent basis. Day after day, we tend to beat ourselves and go on a war against our own body in order to become stronger.

For most of them, the post workout window is often a misunderstood concept and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this simple but crucial phase of training. There is a lot of clarity still required in this crucial window of 30-45 minutes post workout. If you ask athletes and bodybuilders, their approach is still dicey to some extent. Understanding the importance and the demands the body places post workout, devising a recovery strategy during this window is very important.

A recovery strategy can undoubtedly be through a form of supplementation, but knowing which supplement and why will help you have an edge over others and will help you perform like a champion. But, while you think you are building and striving hard for those hard earned muscle pumps inside the gym, the game-changer is the time of muscle recovery and muscle building that occurs between the time you've left the gym or ended your training session and the time you return.

What matters here is how you return? Do you return dog-tired, weary and exhausted for the next activity or day. Well that's not the very purpose of your workout then, Is it? Unless you're looking for a grueling workout (don't think so!). Ideally, your workout should make you feel active and stronger, correct me if I'm wrong!

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?


Well, Yes! It is possible through strategic post workout nutrition. Strategic nutrition has a very important fundamental and principle, i.e. nutrient/supplement timing. Supplement timing represents a simple but effective strategy that enhances the adaptations desired from RE (Resistance Exercise) training. Focusing on nutrient timing, consuming the required nutrients in this post workout window, not only initiates the rebuilding and recovery of damaged muscle tissue but also restoration of energy reserves, and it does so in a super compensated fashion that enhances both recovery and workout performance.

Post workout is an anabolic window of opportunity whereby a limited time exists after training to optimize training-related muscular adaptations. You intend to give your best, and so does your body (Reality check!). It sacrifices it's fuel it has to help you give your best in your workout (majorly muscle fuel).

But, as soon as you are done with your workout, you forget to thank your body for supporting you in that strenuous workout you just had and you forget that you made your body to go through all the stress you offered for all those long hours (You should be thanking your body now!). To thank your body, the least you can do is to help your body to recover, refuel and replenish with all that it had lost during the workout.

In short, you can provide your body with an effective and quick recovery supplementation post workout. Understand, that the major goal post workout is RECOVERY. NOW WHY IS RECOVERY IMPORTANT?

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

Post workout, it is important to restore and replenish body's fuel lost during workout. Therefore, knowing which nutrient can help you in perfecting an anabolic drive post training is imperative. During the post workout phase, your muscles might be like a damsel in distress if left unattended.

Post workout, muscle protein synthesis is stimulated. Your trained muscles need to restore, refuel, and replenish all that it lost while providing your body with the fuel required for the workout. In addition to the fuels lost, the trained muscles also requires an optimal amount of fuel needed for that escalated muscle protein synthesis post workout.

This tells you that your muscles need an adequate and quick fuel for recovery. BUT WHAT DOES YOUR BODY DEMAND POST WORKOUT IS STILL THE QUESTION?

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

As we know, post workout, the muscle protein synthesis is triggered and stimulated. You might think, protein would be the answer. But not really! Proteins are hard to digest and takes time to be available to your body to refuel those trained muscles. Your body needs something that is rapidly absorbed and easily available. Basically, Amino acids is the currency the body demands for muscle recovery.

Post workout, although the net effect is an increase in protein synthesis, skeletal muscle remains in an overall catabolic state in the absence of adequate nutritional intervention. As post exercise, protein synthesis rebounds, but breakdown remains elevated, and net positive balance is achieved only if amino acid availability is increased.

The ingestion or infusion of amino acids in conjunction with an acute bout of resistance training has been shown by numerous studies to significantly increase protein synthesis and yield a net anabolic state. Amino acids can help maximize the anabolic response to workout. You should ideally supplement your muscles with an Essential Recovery Complex (ERC) post workout.

The Essential Recovery Complex (ERC) must consist of AMINO ACIDS. The amino acids you majorly require are Essential Amino Acids (EAA), Non-Essential Amino Acids (NEAA) and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). SO, WHERE CAN YOU FIND THIS ESSENTIAL RECOVERY COMPLEX (ERC)? You can find this Essential Recovery Complex (ERC) in FAST&UP RECOVER.

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?


Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

During the important window of post workout, the body experiences a heightened ability to respond to certain nutrients which significantly and primarily focuses on regulating uptake of nutrients on those muscles and tissues that were recently trained. Overall there is a dramatic potential to induce a huge anabolic drive of muscle protein synthesis. FAST&UP RECOVER is an effervescent formula essential for muscle recovery.

Fast&Up Recover helps the body to recover after a subsequent training and helps get ready for the next game. It consists of an Essential Recovery Complex (ERC). The ERC consists of 20 Amino Acids which are Essential Amino Acids (EAA), Non-Essential Amino Acids (NEAA) and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).


  • Helps stimulate protein synthesis and help in repairing muscle tissues
  • Helps promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown
  • Help build proteins in the body and balance biological molecules at a cellular level
  • This ensures smooth functioning of the muscles and thus physical recovery
  • Fast&Up Recover helps Refuel, Replenish, Repair and Recover from your workout in just the right way
Fast&Up Recover is an ideal post workout recovery drink which helps you provide you with an unique combination of Essential Amino Acids, Non-Essential Amino Acids along with BCAA?s to help repair your muscle tissues and help you prepare for the next workout! Recovery is vital for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. HOW TO USE: Drop one tablet in a 250 mL of water, Wait till it dissolves completely and Drink your Recovery.

WHEN TO USE: POST WORKOUT - Within 30-45 minutes post workout.


Effervescent tablets are Easy-to-carry, Fast on Action and Fast on Absorption and guess what Easy-on-stomach.

Why Is Post Workout Strategy Important?

Now no more a grueling workout, Stay active BEFORE, DURING and even POST WORKOUT with FAST&UP.

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