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Why is Informed Choice Important For Football Players

Published : Dec 24, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

The competition for being the best sports nutrition and supplement is increasing exponentially. One can find tons of options for such products in the market. But out of these various options, how does one figure out which one is the best for them, moreover which of these is genuine and safe for consumption. The wrong supplement could land you into a lot of trouble, cause multiple health issues and may harm your organs as well. Whenever you get into a ‘authentic or fake’ dilemma, always look out for Informed Choice products. 

Why is Informed Choice Important For Football Players

What are Informed Choice products?

Created in 2007 by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), a certification program for sports supplements that assures the consumer, here, athlete or sportsman, that the supplements they consume are safe and do not contain any harmful substances. In order to prove the authenticity of their products, companies test their products frequently to check for contamination, which then gives the consumer the confidence to choose a product while knowing that the product they are using is tested and cleared for consumption.

This mark also assures the sportsmen that the product they are consuming does not contain any banned substances which would get them banned from the game. 

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How to be Informed choice certified?

Why is Informed Choice Important For Football Players

Stage 1 -

Product and Ingredient assessment review : to assess the quality of the product and the ingredients to assure there is no harmful substance that goes into making the product and that it is fit for use.

Raw material evaluation at Production and Packaging sites : ensuring that the product is made in a clean space and that the raw materials has been handled properly to eliminate risk of contamination.

Raw material supplier assessment : to be sure that the raw material comes from the right supplier, how and where are they stored and how are they handled. All these have to be checked in order to eliminate the possibility of contamination.

SOP review of Production, Packaging and Storage areas : to check in what conditions their materials have been stored and if these facilities are regularly cleaned.

Label claim, purity and contamination testing : verifying that the product gone under process is free of contaminants and that the ingredients used are of a good and trusted quality.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Verification : it is designed to minimize risk of contamination by ensuring that the raw materials are produced and handled at high quality standards.

Stage 2 -

Pre-Registration sample testing : Before getting to Informed Choice registration, the product needs to go through a sample test where 5 samples are submitted for testing. In this stage the samples are tested to assure that there was no history of contamination and there are no prohibited ingredients in the respective product, hence it has a green signal for consumption.

Stage 3 -

Post-Registration testing : On completion of Stage 1 and Stage 2, the product can be certified as Informed Choice as it has met the essential requirements. The logo for the Informed Choice will be then provided to the company for their registered product. The company will be then listed on the Informed Choice website and the website will have a link to the company website.

Why is Informed Choice important for football players

Football has become one of the biggest sports with people all around the world watching and following it. The players train rigorously to gain the agility and strength for the game. But training is not the only thing they are strict about. Players need to maintain a specific diet which gives them the energy to play hard in the field. In order to gain that energy, players consume a lot of supplements, which includes protein, rehydration drinks, vitamins and minerals which boosts their performance.

Unfortunately, some of these supplements players consume have a chance of being tested with substances banned by the World Anti Doping Agency. The informed Choice mark guarantees the players that the supplements they consume do not contain any banned substances and are completely safe, also that they have been tested under rigorous conditions.

Why is Informed Choice Important For Football Players

Before a match, every player is required to test themselves to check for doping, as some players tend to consume banned substances that boost their performance in the game, which is an unfair means of playing. Getting tested positive for such substances can have serious consequences. It could cost them their entire career and not to forget, their health conditions as well.

The products need to be tested for such substances so that the player unknowingly does not consume the wrong supplement which could cost them everything. Hence it is essential for a player to check for the Informed Choice logo on the products they consume as to be sure that what they consume is safe and indeed healthy. 

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