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Which is the best post workout supplement for muscle recovery?

Published : Jun 05, 2017 5 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplements

POST WORKOUT MUSCLE RECOVERY SUPPLEMENTATION is the most intriguing topic these days. Let it be a normal morning run, a gym session, a workout, a vigorous training session for your competition, etc., you tend to give your best 110% there on the field because it's all about that 'BEST PERFORMANCE'! Isn't it.

We all know how challenging the life of an Athlete is! A new challenge is summoned every day! And he needs to deliver his best in every game, every day! There is no switching on to a 'PAUSE' button for him. Let us discuss on how the 'PLAY' button can always be on and how one can be Ready FOR HIS NEXT GAME! Different stages of workout requires different supply of nutrients! Our body deals with nutrients differently at different periods of time, depending on the activity the body is put to perform.

This describes the concept of 'nutrient timing'. Post workout, our body needs those nutrients which will help to promote muscle growth, repair and protein synthesis. Our body needs the right nutrients which can be effectively absorbed and can help them recover from their intense exercise.


The answer is Amino acids. Amino acids are like those tiny gold pieces which bond together to form the primary pillar of strength of our body, i.e. proteins. Basically, Amino acids are the components that make up a protein, in short they are the building blocks of a protein.

Post-workout, these tiny gold pieces of amino acids starts acting as an engineer in your body and starts working on the building, rebuilding, repairing of your muscles and helps replenish what has been lost in the workout and helps in post workout muscle recovery and builds you up for your NEXT GAME! They are literally the 'building blocks of your body'. They definitely qualify in the race for the Best Muscle Recovery Supplement.


Which is the best post workout supplement for muscle recovery?

Post workout, athletes nutrient intake periodically increases amino acid intake to reflect the increased subsequent competitive performance while decreasing the risk of injury or illness. Muscle protein synthesis is stimulated dramatically post workout. There might be an increased protein breakdown during this recovery period.

Our body might break down more than build up. If you don't effectively work on your post workout muscle recovery strategy the rate of muscle protein breakdown will be more than muscle protein synthesis. The relationship between these two is crucial for muscle growth. The net muscle protein balance should not be negative.

Post workout, protein synthesis rebounds, but protein breakdown remains elevated. Net positive balance is achieved only if availability of amino acids is increased. Undoubtedly, Recovery is vital for endurance athletes and for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Studies continue to reveal the effective post-workout nutrition strategies for post workout recovery.

Sufficient availability of amino acids following exercise appears necessary for maximizing increases in skeletal muscle protein synthesis following an acute bout of resistance exercise (Carwyn P.M. Sharp and David R. Pearson, Amino acid supplements and Recovery from High Intensity Training, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2010 National Strength and Conditioning Association). 

While, it's important to have a fueling desire to be the BEST. You need to focus on fueling your body with the BEST too.

Which is the best post workout supplement for muscle recovery?

With a plethora of Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplements in the market claiming to be the ultimate Best Muscle Recovery Supplement, it is difficult to pick the right one! It is very important to be clear in such nutritional strategies here and focus on what your body demands in which stage of training.

As discussed, Post Workout the body requires a sufficient availability of amino acids for maximum increase in muscle protein synthesis. Also, the form of the post workout supplement plays a major role here keeping in mind the absorption of the supplement in the body without any stomach distress.


  • Aim majorly on Amino Acids while looking for the Best Muscle Recovery Supplement
  • Form of the supplement  Avoid huge conventional jars, powders, capsules, pills. Look in for a supplement in the form of an effervescent drink - A Muscle Recovery Drink!
  • Absorption of the supplement (should be quick for post workout recovery)
  • Provides Quick Action (Recover quick before damage is built)
  • Easy to Carry (No bulky enormous jars, should be easy to carry in your pocket while on your run or gym workout)
  • Light on stomach - Providing no complimentary GI Issues

Which is the best post workout supplement for muscle recovery?


The Best Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplement is FAST&UP RECOVER! FAST&UP RECOVER is a unique POST WORKOUT effervescent drink with Essential Recovery Complex (ERC) which helps the body recover and get ready for subsequent training. FAST&UP RECOVER helps provide Muscle Recovery in a Drink!

The ERC contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and Essential Amino Acids (EAA)

  • BCAA's help in healing and repair of muscles post workout
  • EAA provide for building blocks of essential proteins
  • Helps ensure smooth functioning of the muscles and thus physical recovery
  • They help promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown
  • Helps to build proteins in the body and balance biological molecules at a cellular level
This is an ideal Muscle Recovery Supplement to be consumed post workout which helps provide you with a unique combination of Essential Amino Acids, L-Arginine and L-Glutamine along with BCAA's to repair your muscle tissues and help you prepare for the next workout!

Which is the best post workout supplement for muscle recovery?

HOW TO USE: DROP 1 tablet in 250 mL of water, Wait till it DISSOLVES completely and DRINK!

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