What to Drink When You're Dehydrated

What to Drink When You're Dehydrated

Dehydration occurs when there are more fluids leaving the body than entering the body. So, in an attempt to replenish the fluids as quickly as possible we rehydrate. Although, sometimes regular water is just not enough to hydrate efficiently. To strengthen the process of hydration one can find alternative drinks of water. But, in today’s landscape of endless hydration alternatives which one can, we fully rely on? What are the advantages of some of these alternatives? Let’s take a brief overview of alternatives to water for rehydration.


Now, although watermelon is a fruit it is 92% water after all. So you can consume your watermelon by dicing it up or simply turn it into a refreshing juice! Loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C it also is packed with electrolytes to restore your body’s balance.
What to Drink When You're Dehydrated
Water Infused With Electrolytes

With simple household ingredients, you can make your own electrolyte drink, the key point is to include sugar, salt, and plenty of water. Although to be ensured with the reliance of Informed-choice certified hydration drinks you can fully rely on these alternative drinks of water, which are packed with electrolytes that are absorbed instantly because of its effervescence.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is said to be nature’s version of a sports nutrition energy drink. It is loaded with 5 main electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. It also contains sugar which restores the sugar levels of the body back to its optimum level after dehydration.
What to Drink When You're Dehydrated
Instant Hydration Energy Drinks

The hydration drinks of Fast&Up have proven to be an instant hydration sensation. It is an Informed-choice certified hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement that is used for instant hydration and electrolyte replenishment for your body with the right combination of electrolytes, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins. These electrolytes and nutrients are absorbed quicker than other hydration drinks as these are made with effervescent technology.
What to Drink When You're Dehydrated
What Not To Drink

There are some drinks that actually dehydrate you and you must, therefore, stay away from while trying to recuperate from dehydration. Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee are a must to stay away from as they are diuretic. Moreover, alcoholic drinks and soda are a diuretic that forces the body to lose water, as well. So make sure to stay away from these the next time you’re dehydrated!

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