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What To Do If My Child Doesn’t Drink Enough Water

Water can be termed as the most essential for our bodies. The same applies, or even more so, for growing children. Children can be really fussy eaters, and that’s what we all know, however, they can also be terribly fussy ‘drinkers’, and by that we mean, they often do not drink the amount of water they need as it does not excite them. So read below, to get to know a few ways you can get your child to drink the amount of water they need.

Keep a glass of water easily available to them 

Oftentimes, children do not drink water as it is a tedious task to fill a glass of water. However, if a sipper is kept next to them at all times, they are more likely to rehydrate from it.

Get a flavour booster

Water is tasteless. Hence, children are not excited to drink it, however, a little splash of fruits (drop a few wedges of lime etc) can get them to drink more of it. Energy drinks for children can be a great way to boost their energy and rehydrate them with a tasty drink. They are often low on sugar so it’s quite an ideal choice.

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Make it a routine

Start a daily routine at when they need to drink a glass of water, this could be half an hour before or after meals. Routine is a powerful tool that can help your child develop healthy habits. Drinking water is just one of them.

Add some fizz to it

Children love the taste of fizz, and by adding a little sparkle to your water, they can get excited and drink it far more. This can be done with the help of club soda or these effervescent energy drinks for children. Who doesn’t love fizz?

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With the help of fruits

Fruits like watermelons provide a lot of water, as they are mainly made up of it. They are sweet and delicious and can be a great way to add the amount of water your child consumes.

Thus, you can follow these steps to get your child adequately hydrated and make it a habit in their lives to drink water, as indeed, it is one of the healthiest things one can do for themselves.

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