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Fast&Up Activate- What makes it the Perfect Pre-Workout Energy Drink?

The significance of pre-workout drinks can seldom be stressed enough even while experts debate the necessity of health drinks. Pre-workout nutrition is essential as it enhances your energy levels, improves your endurance and muscular strength. As there are different types of pre-workout drinks, it is important to choose the right ones as some of these drinks might do more harm than good. No matter what kind of sports or workout activity that you are into, a pre-workout supplement works wonders.

Fast&Up Activate- The Energy Drink

While some may argue that a well balanced diet is all that is needed to stay fit as a fiddle, sometimes, the human body fails to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food that we consume every day. This is exactly the reason we need pre-workout energy drinks as it helps us to perform better. From single to a concoction of essential ingredients, pre-work drinks vary from one another, which is reason enough to choose only the best product. Fast&Up Activate is one such product available in the Indian markets with loads of beneficial features. Let us look at its ingredients and beneficial features. After all, most people choose this pre-workout energy drink for a reason.
Fast&Up Activate Pre-Workout Energy Drinks

What does it contain?

Most fitness freaks are sceptical of health drinks including pre-workout energy drinks. However, Activate is quite different from various other energy drinks due to its unique combination of ingredients. It contains L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Zinc, and Lycopene.

 L-Arginine
This unique ingredient has the ability to widen the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood. It also increases the availability of oxygen to the cells, thereby reducing fatigue and tiredness, which a person experiences during strenuous training activities. L-Arginine also increases the flow of nitric oxide, which expands the blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It eliminates exhaustion and reduces breathlessness. In short, L-Arginine enhances your overall performance by amplifying your energy levels.

 L-Carnitine
Studies reveal that the Carnitine levels in the blood diminish rapidly even after a moderate workout. Activate contains 250mg of L-Carnitine which helps to transport fatty acids to the cells as a source of fuel. L-Carnitine is essential during intense workout sessions as it helps to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which is the main cause of fatigue post exercises. This supplementation prevents cellular damage and speeds up the recovery of cells post strenuous exercises. Apart from that, L-Carnitine has several other beneficial features, as it is essential for the normal functioning of the heart, brain, and human body.

 Zinc
Another important ingredient in Activate is zinc, which is one of the most important aspects of nutrition. It regulates the immune responses of the body and enhances the speed of recovery in between workouts. Athletes require higher amount of zinc compared to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. A small amount of zinc is necessary to keep the immune system strong and deficiencies can cause weakness, making the body susceptible to various illnesses. Zinc deficiency can also lead to loss of muscular mass, which is one reason most pre-workout energy drinks contain an essential amount of zinc.

Benefits of Consuming Fast&Up Activate

Most people choose pre-workout energy drinks as it improves athletic performance and enhances your endurance. In addition to improving the overall functions and metabolism of your body, it also increases your energy levels during workouts. However, some energy drinks can have a detrimental effect on your digestive system. Fast&Up Activate is different from most of the other energy and pre-workout drinks available these days. What makes it different from the other energy drinks? Let us take a look-

 Easily digestible
This pre-workout supplement is formulated using the best ingredients that boost your performance and yet works gently on your stomach. While some energy drinks can upset your stomach by causing stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues, Activate is easily digestible and with no side effects. Available in the form of tablets, in orange flavor, all that you need to do is drop it in 250 ml of water, wait until it dissolves completely and consume the drink 30 minutes before your workout session.

 Good taste
Majority of the energy drinks have strong flavors, which can be bitter, sour, or tart, making it less palatable. Contrary to the popular belief that all pre-workout energy drinks tastes the same, Activate is quite different as it has a mild orange flavor that is pleasant and tasty. These orange flavored effervescent tablets have a longer shelf life; retain its original taste and flavor, even after storing it for a long period, which is another reason to consume this unique pre-workout energy drink!

 Easy to carry
Carrying around huge cans or bottles of energy drinks before you hit the gym or go for hiking or any other sports activity can be quite a hassle. After all, who has the energy to carry them around all the time and it defeats the purpose of these drinks. This explains the reason Activate is prepared in the form of tablets that is easy to dissolve in water and consume. The great thing about this effervescent tablet is that it is small and packed in a tubular package, which makes it easy to carry. Just drop the tablet in 250 ml of water and wait until it dissolves and you are good to go! The alternative to cans and bottles is what makes Activate quite different from other types of pre-workout energy drinks.
Fast&Up Activate Pre-Workout Energy Drinks
Fast and Up Activate is an ideal pre-workout energy drink for athletes, swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners and even fitness freaks as it is the perfect amalgamation of the right ingredients. It gives you instant energy and enhances your overall metabolism as it contains both Carnitine and Arginine. Apart from being an ideal workout supplement, it also aids in weight loss for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Activate prevents breakdown of protein which is necessary to keep your energy levels high. Above all, the presence of creatine in this effervescent tablet enhances the growth and strength of your muscles.

What are you waiting for? Try Fast&Up Activate and know the difference!