Athlete Ankita Gaur- Workout diary for SCMM 17

Week 4 - Discipline is the bridge between goals and commitments

I can?t believe we are half way through, only 4 weeks to go for SCMM '17 and I?m already feeling the nerve of the race :) Last week went well, it was certainly better than what I had anticipated. I finished a good long run and a speed workout, right on schedule, in spite of the bad weather conditions in Bangalore. I can?t afford to swap my workout for another day as my work doesn?t give me enough room to reschedule. So I try my best to finish the given task on time. I was given an easy paced long run by my mentors Murthy RK and Brijesh Gajera?on Saturday. It turned out be anything but EASY! Here?s how my Saturday?long run went: It was?4:15am, my body clock was reminding me that I had to get up and get ready for my long run even before my alarm rang. I consumed Activate and a small banana and ventured out in the dark.?Anil and I thought we would do the first 10K easy and then slowly take it up from there. Another friend joined in, saying that he would run at our pace. As we were closing the first 2km, the pace was suddenly cranked up, I kept asking the boys if we were going too fast but the only reply I got was ?keep running it?s easy only?. The route we opted was constantly rolling, I initially thought I would burn out in the first half as we were running on an incline with a much faster pace than anticipated. At the U-turn I had a Malto Gel and a few sips of Reload, I really needed it. I thought now I will just return easy as I have almost ran my race pace in the first half, but there was no easy way out. Even when I wanted to slow down Anil kept pulling me ahead. As we reached the Kormangala Signal I picked up the pace, my quads were screaming but somehow I had the energy to push through the entire inner ring road and I managed to reach Indiranagar with great splits. I definitely feel my muscular strength has increased in the last 4 weeks, compared to when I started.?Prototal is definitely working so far. It has helped me in my training and now I am eager to see the final result. This run was a major muscle burner, very consistent and hard on pace. It got tougher as I had a leg workout the day before and ran on a completely sore lower body. To make things harder the route was also quite challenging. Finally, I had my recovery run?on Sunday?with my mentors. My weekends are all about Foam Rolling and stretching with my group. This week's #ToughTuesday had no intervals (Thank god!) however a long tempo run was thrown in. Though I had the perfect excuse to skip my Tempo Run as we had nonstop Rain in Bangalore due to the cyclone in Chennai, I turned towards my treadmill to finish my workout. Next Day was supposed to be an easy run but somehow this one also didn't go the easy route. Post the run, Yash threw in the staircase run program and it turned out to be hard on my already tired legs. He wanted me to beat the elevator every time! :/ On Thursday?I took it easy, no running only easy cycling and a few upper body workouts. I was a little tired from the previous day and from the long hours of standing on my feet at work, so I decided to change my routine. Sometimes it?s good to listen to your body. The next three weeks will be crucial for all those who are training for SCMM, most of us are already peaking for the race. My Focus on the training will be more, at the same time I don?t want to over train, which will do more harm than good. Nutrition will be very critical. Until then, Start every day with passion and go to bed with satisfaction (The views expressed in the blog are the writer's own - the brand doesn?t take responsibility for the same)