Week 3 - Push, push, push to your goal!
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Week 3 - Push, push, push to your goal!

So this week started well! My week for this diary starts on Friday as I outline about the week that was every Thursday since I started the 60 Days of ProTotal Athlete Diaries. Being a baker, this is season time for me with majority of the orders coming on weekends! (Gotta love the sweet tooth :P) So Friday was a busy day with baking as I had to finish some Saturday morning orders. The morning started early at the gym with CST (Chest / Shoulder / Triceps) - post that I came back and started my marathon baking! Saturday: I had to do a 10k - all alone! Now that is something I honestly don?t enjoy! So I decided to let music be my companion - took a Fast & Up Activate and drove to the race course. And boy, was I glad to see my running group - The Pune Road Runners there just starting their warm up! It turned out to be a fun run with chatting, laughing and I didn?t even realize that I had finished the 10K and that too at a pace faster than what was given to me! No music required! :)

Post Run: My group and I spoke about the Fast&Up products and I was happy to know that a few of my running buddies have already started using them! I had my Recover and Charge as usual post my run and came home to have my eggs and smoothie breakfast followed by some more baking! I was feeling a bit stressed as I was on my feet most of the day and I knew that I had a 25K Sunday Run in my training plan given to me by Kaustubh (No rest, No excuses - the finish line journey is not easy!) I saw to it that I kept myself hydrated throughout the day sipping on Reload and ensure to take Prototal. I had some Chicken and Salad for lunch and Chicken and Rice and Curd for dinner and called it an early night.

[caption id="attachment_10444" align="aligncenter" width="570"]FullSizeRender-2 With Solonie[/caption] Sunday: This was the very first time I was doing a back to back run with 10k the previous day and then a 25k today! There is always a first time, right? Also this was my first run over 21K after my full SCMM! Gosh! I was feeling stressed that I started feeling all my old injuries crop up. This was all psychological so I just spoke to myself and worked on my mind that I can do it and it is going to be just fine. The one thing I have noticed ever since I started having Prototal is that I am sleeping much better so that helps before a race or a long run! Started off my run with the group. My friend, Ironman (the first woman living in India to finish an Ironman) Solonie and I decided to run together as we were given the same pace by Kaustubh. I have to admit by the 5th KM I thought I would not be able to do this.. We were going good on pace - around the 7th km Solonie and I both spoke about how tired we were feeling but we decided whatever happens we will finish this run. Just then Kaustubh shot past us and that gave us some motivation! Throughout the run I kept sipping on Reload and somewhere around the 15th km I started feeling great and I knew this was going end well and it sure did. Last year, around same time I had run a 25k but I had stopped, walked and almost crawled to finish it. Sunday not a second did I walk and finished strong as usual and after the run I was still feeling fresh! I sure have come a long way! (Touch Wood) [caption id="attachment_10445" align="aligncenter" width="560"]IMG_5943 Keep Calm and Practice Yoga[/caption] Checked my splits - perfect! (Bigger yay!) Monday: I just did a lot of stretching and yoga asanas. I love practicing Yoga and do some asanas almost everyday followed by meditation. It completely rejuvenates me! I had orders today as well. It was my signature Banoffe pie that I decided to make for my family tas well since it is a favorite with all! Tuesday : The plan said speed workout - I have to say I realised today how much the combination of Kaustubh?s plan and starting Prototal is working for me! Even after the long run on Sunday I got my PB for 1 K! (An awesome feeling) I never thought I would be able to hold that pace ever for a full km! Hats off to all who keep that pace or even lesser for half or full marathons! Wednesday: Gym day, as I am participating at The Goa River Marathon coming Sunday I will be skipping my workout on Friday so I decided to work on my major muscles of each body part. Squats, Deadlift and Bench Press it was - and I ended it with some abs and planks. Thursday: Tempo Run! And no, I didn?t feel the dread today as Kaustubh had given me a short tempo with an easy pace as I am running The Goa River Marathon on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are rest days in good old Goa! (Happiness, bliss - sun, sand & sea!) So here I am in the car on the way to Goaaaaahh! It is a race-cum- vacation with my family! Looking forward to it. And I am not feeling so stressed as I normally do. This one is only a training run, so I am going to have fun but see to it that I beat my last year pathetic timing at GRM! Wish you the best week ahead! Lots of love (The views expressed in the blog are the writer's own - the brand doesn?t take responsibility for the same)

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