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Week 2 - Rise. Run. Rest. Repeat.

Published : Dec 02, 2016 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

I was really happy with the response that I got for the blog last week after it was put up. I got quite a few messages and calls asking me about Prototal and some have gone ahead and bought it as well - feels so cool! Almost all of them are doing SCMM and it is just a few weeks away! (Let us make these days count) I am sure this will help their performance (Guys, thanks for trusting in me - feel so humbled)

Week 2 - Rise. Run. Rest. Repeat.

This time, I decided to do things differently and give you a rundown on my week with its highs and lows! Training is not only physical but also mental, hence the importance of a happy state of mind is as important as keeping the pace. Don?t you agree? I have been taking ProTotal now for some time and the first thing I have noticed is that my pace has definitely improved and I feel strong at the finish! Secondly, I don?t know if it is ProTotal but I am definitely sleeping better because of which I am recovering faster unlike earlier. This is where the happy state of mind comes into the picture! :) This Sunday I did a training run 10K at a race organised by FITPNQ . The route had a few inclines but I honestly didn?t find those tough. The credit also goes to Coach Kaustubh and the weekly hill repeats he makes us do! (Caption for picture) - Make Yourself Unstoppable

Week 2 - Rise. Run. Rest. Repeat.

To give you an idea, on a flat road I would do a 10K in 55 minutes in a race. During FITPNQ with the incline, I finished in 55 minutes and I wasn?t even racing! This was just a training run - felt so powerful :) Monday: Rest day Oh I love Mondays! The only day I can sleep in without setting an alarm! Tuesday: Tough? What is that? Hill repeats and that too reverse hill repeats! It was tough but I could do it without huffing and puffing. It is no easy feat because believe me, Kaustubh is a real taskmaster! He made us do a few squats and lunges too, which was tough but fun! (Whoa, did I just write that! Ha Ha) Wednesday: Gym Calling I woke up feeling a bit sore but after moving around a bit and having my usual ginger tea / banana and Prototal - I went to the gym and had an amazing workout! #WOTD :) Thursday: Keep up the Tempo! My most dreaded day! I am not a fan of tempo runs! To top it all off, I got up late and reached late to my running venue! I hardly had any time to warm up before the group started out with their respective pace that was given to them. It just was not my day as it was during the first kilometer of my tempo run after my warm-up, that I realised I had not started my Garmin! I was already feeling quite heavy in my legs and the next few kilometers of the tempo run looked tough! I told my running buddy to carry on with the pace given as I didn?t want him to go slow because of me. But somewhere after a couple kms I realised I had already caught up with him! Checked my pace - bang on! This made me feel so good and when I finished, I realised that I had actually done pretty well! I hope slowly I will start feeling less dread for these Thursday Tempo Runs! (Till then we shall agree to have a love-hate relationship) Now Sunday is going to be a Big Day as it is my first long run - Over 21 Kms! Nervous but raring to go! Until then all I would say is - Just Run! (The views expressed in the blog are the writer's own - the brand doesn?t take responsibility for the same)

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