Week 2 - New beginnings. New ideas. New energy.

Week 2 - New Beginnings. New Ideas. New Energy.

This week has been crazy for me as I settle in my new role in a new company and trying my best to make friends with the new training plan, which involves intense long tempo runs and hard long runs. Finally, I kick-started my training for SCMM from last Saturday. I know I'm a little late but I was busy enjoying a small break after my Berlin Marathon. I needed it - so I could come back and start enjoying my training again. So I have 8 weeks to go, not much time left but with little hard work and smart training - I think I will bounce back in the race. Talking about training, we go back to Saturday. I was all set to kick start my training, a grueling 25km+ run. I say grueling because I haven't held a Marathon Pace for so long in any of my practice runs, not even when I was preparing for Berlin. **For someone who is new to running lingo, a Marathon Pace is a pace at which you plan to run your race** I started my day with a tablet of Activate and a very small banana. I like to start all my workouts with an Activate as I feel my exhaustion during that workout is delayed and I'm able to hold my pace for long. Plus it helps to burn fat. If you see my pics I'm not a skinny runner.Ankita blog pic-1

So yeah I need some help in that department. But definitely gobbling activate won't help! So I have removed Sugar and Gluten from my diet for the next 8 weeks. Except for an occasional? dive in a bowl of yummy Soba Noodle Ramen (Hey, a girl is allowed to have a cheat food!) Mid-run hydration was one Reload in water which I kept sipping throughout the run. I don't wait to feel the thirst, I try my best to avoid it by sipping small quantity at regular intervals. I was exhausted and dead by the end of my workout and since I was taking it easy for the last 2months this sudden Marathon Pace came as a Muscle Shocker. I wouldn't say that my pace was consistent throughout the run but at some places, I definitely held it longer and even pushed beyond MP. I'm sure with consistency and right nutrition I will eventually come back! (Fingers crossed) I'm one of those unlucky souls who work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unlike most of the runners, I don't have the liberty to take a power nap on weekends. I finish my long run, rush home, finish my household chores, and rush back to work, Spending up to 11- 12hrs there. I don't drink any whey or any other form of protein supplement. I try to complete my protein intake from the eggs, chicken/fish ( PS: I'm a sucker for eggs :P ). Hence my recovery after a hard long run usually used to be slow or I would say negligible. I have been consuming Prototal for 2 weeks now, twice a day and the recovery is super quick, try it to believe it! The amino acids in it are absorbed by the body really fast so maybe after having one I feel like a superwoman at work Ankita blog pic-2

'Don't let fatigue make a coward of you' I always remember this whenever I'm feeling fatigued I might slow down for a bit, might crib about it, might pause momentarily but I will finish my workout. Sundays are dedicated to easy runs. Even though I'm dead tired I prefer not to miss out on my recovery runs. It helps to flush out lactic acid but I feel more than that running on already tired legs, from the previous day's workout, improves your running economy. Even a slow pace becomes challenging (trust me this will help in the last 5-6km in your marathon) I do these runs at least 45secs slower than my Race Pace. I run with my group on Sundays, usually pacing one of the fellow runners, who is running 60 secs slower than my pace. I founded Indiranagar Runners in 2014 looking for running buddies in the neighborhood.

Running with a partner removes the boredom and you get to learn so much. I've met some amazing runners and made some great friends along the way! With the new training plan, I will be running 6 days a week compared to my previous plan 3 days a week. I do my strength training and functional training with Dr. Yash Pandey 3 times a week. As the number of days in the week won?t be increasing (some things are just not in our favor) I have started doing my recovery run on the days I train with Yash. My recovery runs are somewhere between 5K to 10K of very Easy Pace. Today was an exception though since I missed my long Tempo on Tuesday I finished it today and then strength workout with Yash. I was wiped out by the end of it! Below is a video of the single-leg squat with the help of TRX. I have come a long way on this one. It looks easy but tries doing it after your speed workout. Eagerly looking forward to the next week training and I will keep updating on the physical and endurance changes :) (The views expressed in the blog are the writer's own - the brand doesn't take responsibility for the same)

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