Week The transformation to finishing strong

Week 1 - The Transformation to Finishing Strong

Mumbai and Pune - both are very close to me, but if I had to talk about my running journey, the story would begin in Pune. It is here that after a friend challenged me to a run that I realized how much I loved running. Carter Road? saw me walk every day sincerely, but it is here in Pune that I felt the power of the ground beneath your feet and rhythmic thumping that makes you feel aware and calm at the same time. This love for running has grown steadily in the past three years since I took it seriously but it has been in the last year that I have seen myself transform. Transform how you ask? Earlier my races and training would have some injury holding me back or making me feel I am not at my personal best.

But a chance meeting with Vijay who introduced me to Energize in December 2015 before my SCMM made me reevaluate my views on Sports Nutrition and after I tried Activate and Recover - my belief in the importance of intelligent nutrition was cemented. It was not just a single thing but a combination of factors that helped me achieve my first Sub 2 at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) - a sports memory that I will now cherish forever! It was also due to the patient coaching of my mentor - Kaustubh Radkar who made a training plan that suited me perfectly and agreed to pace me to calm my jittery nerves! (Can't thank him enough) Having achieved my first dream, I now have another!

I am raring to go for the SCMM 2016 and I am super excited to take part in the Fast&Up Athlete Diaries where I take the 8 Week Prototal Programme and tell you all about my progress, hurdles and everything in between till my Race Day! I am super excited about this and I hope along the journey I am able to connect with all your stories as well. I have been having Prototal since the past week and apart from loving the packaging of this product, I can tell you this - I feel the difference! I have started to feel the improvement in small measures but I feel the difference when I am sprinting and especially that I am able to finish strong unlike earlier when I would drag myself to the finish line! But the training has just begun and we have another 7 weeks to go! Until then - Make each day your masterpiece! (The views expressed in the blog are the writer's own - the brand doesn't take responsibility for the same)