Ways to get organized for 2019



2019 - 12 new chapters, 365 new chances.

Nobody is born organized and getting organized is not rocket science, all you need to do is maintain a mindset and start cultivating positive and healthy habits. Getting organized is not about being perfect, it is about customizing your whole world to work for you.

It’s not that you can’t get organized, even if you are the most disorganized person you think you are, you can work towards it. Initially, everything seems to be difficult, but once you start getting used to it then it becomes your routine. Remember - In the middle of the difficulties, you will find the opportunity. Start jotting down all the hurdles in your way and start ditching them one by one. In order to grow, you will have to face many uncomfortable situations.

Some of the ways which will help you get organized for 2019.

        TAKE IT EASY AND SLOW: Don’t rush, be patient and give it some time. Take it day by day and focus on your everyday growth. This is how you will grow daily. We all have heard this adage - Drop by drop the bucket fills


        LONG TERM COMMITMENT TO SELF: Give yourself a commitment of staying away from all the things that stop you from being an organized person. All the things that stop you are negatives and you should have no space for negative things that weigh you down.


        KEEP A TRACK: Maintain a record and monitor that where were you when you started and where are you now. No matter the speed, what matters is the movement.


        MAINTAIN A DAIRY: Jot down all the key points and maintain a single calendar for everything so that you are not lost with the points. Jotting things down works a lot more than you think! The more you write and read proves that you are true and loyal towards your goals.

Writing a diary 

        SET MANAGEABLE GOALS: Set practical goals taking everything into consideration - your lifestyle, your profession and the environment you live in because everything plays a role. Start with short term goals and start working if you are passionate enough towards your goals even the universe will help you achieve it. It is rightly said that the universe falls in love with a stubborn heart. 

        TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: Health is the real wealth, isn’t it? If you are healthy everything makes sense. Your body is your BAE (Before anything else) because your body is the place where you live in. When it comes to health, it does not mean that one should hit the gym or follow a diet. It means just take care of the daily nutrition that your body demands you to stay healthy. Like plants need water to stay green likewise our body needs multivitamins in order to stay fresh from within. Feeding your body with multivitamins can be the best compliment you will give to your body.

Fast&Up Vitalize is multivitamin supplements in the form of effervescent tablets. Vitalize contains 21 vitamins & minerals in the dosage recommended for daily use along with a nitrate-rich beetroot extract which is good for heart health. It has less sugar and is available in an orange flavor with a refreshing taste. Fast&Up Vitalize can be consumed daily.

Vitalize your mornings with #FastandUp 

        CELEBRATE YOUR PROGRESS: When you add in some real efforts into something, celebrating the progress is much needed. Compliment yourself and feel proud of yourself that you made it happen and still working.

So are you ready to make 2019 your best year yet?

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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