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Right multivitamin provides with essential vitamins and minerals that our body demands for our overall health. We usually try to follow the best dietary intentions, but some way or the other we often fall short of meeting all our nutritional needs, and also it is not all the time that we like all those vegetables and fruits that are high in its nutritional value.

The type of lifestyle we live it’s true that many of us prefer junk food over the healthy food, very few of them are purely dedicated towards a particular healthy eating habits. The bottom line is eventually, who becomes the Culprit? Yes, it is the life in the last lane- that we gulp up too much of fast food and not enough of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains.

One most solution to this, research found that consuming one single Multivitamin can solve the problem for achieving optimum health and preventing from all the chronic diseases.

Our body demands 40 vitamins and minerals each day in order to maintain a good health, and it is not always possible to gain all of those from food, so counting on to a daily multivitamin certainly won’t hurt, no matter even if you follow healthy eating pattern.

Being a women it is not really easy to juggle up with so many things altogether, it is important for you to take care of your overall health.


·        VITAMIN C:  Vitamin C is one of the most effective and safest form of nutrients. Vitamin C includes protection against eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems and even Vitamin C is good for skin. Vitamin C will keep your skin healthy. The more we get into learning about Vitamin C the more better we understand Vitamin C and how diverse Vitamin C is in protecting our immunity system stay stronger.


·        CALCIUM:  One thing we all know about calcium is, Calcium builds and protects strong bones. The fact is our bones stores calcium so it is important to intake calcium regularly, if not then your body will take calcium from your bones. For women who are going through menopause are at a higher risk of facing loss of bone density problems. It is important for them to consider supplements high in calcium in their daily diet.

Fortify your bone health with Fast&Up which is India’s favorite effervescent range of nutrition, Fast&Up Fortify is a bone health supplement.


Fortify will serve you with the highest amount of elemental calcium, which will help your bones stay strong, calcium is one of the main bone forming minerals and 99% of our body’s calcium resides in skeleton. Fast&Up Fortify is made up with a comprehensive blend of all the essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Fortify is available in a refreshing Lime&Lemon flavor. Click here and know more about Fast&Up Fortify.

·        MAGNESIUM:  Just like calcium, magnesium too plays an important role as Magnesium supports strong bones and helps preventing bone loss that can give rise to issues like osteoporosis, magnesium is also good for digestion and prevents muscle cramps.

·        IRON:  Iron is important for every woman, because every month woman tend to lose some amount of calcium from the body during menstruation. In terms of diet, woman do not consume enough iron because of the taste and choice preferences, foods that are rich in Iron are spinach, beans, cereals, meat and many more. In order to bridge the nutritional gap you may consider Multivitamins in your daily diet and Vitalize your daily health.

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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