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What is the Boom about Vitamin C tablets?

Is Vitamin C Tablets the answer?

Vitamin C Tablets

When your body comes in contact with foreign particles or toxin the first line of our defense that includes both physical and chemical barriers that help prevent or kill the toxin. The basic first line of defense include your skin, tears, mucus, silia, stomach acid, urine etc

If a pathogen passes through 1st line of defense , second line of defense comes into the play which includes Inflammatory response like swelling, redness, heat and pain or phagocytosis by immune cells

The final line of defense include Adaptive Defense where part of immune system directly targets invading foreign substance 

Now you would wonder how Vitamin C Tablet comes into the play?

Well Well Well

Vitamin C plays an central role in maintainence of helthy bone and skin which acts as first line of defense

Vitamin C Tablets also plays major role in proliferation and production of Lymphocytes and macrophages which are second line of defense 

Vitamin C tablet also help in building Innate and adaptive immune resoonse to the invading pathogens

A Big Question Pops Up ---- Why only Fast&Up Charge?

Here We List Down Some Major benefits That Will Change Your Opinion

Fast&Up Charge is designed with premium effervescent technology 

Effervescent technology helps in faster absorption and faster action of nutrients with no GI distres

Charge constitutes 1000mg of naturl amla extract and 10mg of zinc

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and helps in Strengthening and maintaining daily immunity

Zinc is also central and plays key role in immune system

Why is it that we need to have Vitamin C Tablet daily?

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and is excreted out on regular basis, our body does not store any vitamin c. Therefore it is essential to have Vitamin C Tablet on regular basis to maintain daily overall health and immunity

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