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Vitamin C Supplements to Support a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Vitamin C, you can call it an essential supplement or an ascorbic acid, or an important part of your diet and you will be right. No matter what you call it, the significance of vitamin C can never be stressed enough. There are endless number of researches on the significance of vitamin C and its innate beneficial features. Experts believe that it is one of the most effective and safest nutrients with a growing list of benefits.

Vitamin C- How Much is Necessary to Stay Healthy

With its diverse beneficial features, it protects our health from a wide range of diseases from cardiovascular to stroke and cancer. But do you know how much of this essential nutrient is enough to keep you healthy and strong? Though everyone knows the essence of vitamin C in their daily lives, not many are sure of its dosage. Studies reveal that an adult must consume 500 milligrams of vitamin C to gain its benefits. It is quite impossible to achieve the benefits of vitamin C by simply consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, as it is not always a practical option, which emphasizes why you need to consume a dietary supplement of vitamin C daily along with a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.
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Some people do experience stomach cramps and other gastrointestinal issues while consuming vitamin C supplements which is why experts recommend the use of buffered and non-acidic form of the nutrient such as Fast&Up Charge.

What You Need to Know About Fast&Up Charge?

Fast&Up Charge is a natural vitamin C supplement derived from amla, which explains why it is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest, unlike other vitamin C tablets, which can upset stomach and cause diarrhea. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin C, amla is also known for its antioxidant properties. It helps to maintain and strengthen the immune system. Fast and Up Charge also contains 10mg of zinc, which helps to fight diseases and improves the metabolism of the body.

Fast&Up Vitamin C Supplements
Charge is an effervescent vitamin C supplement in orange flavor with quick absorption features. It works faster than most of the other vitamin C tablets and therefore it is ideal for athletes and workaholics who focus on boosting their immunity levels. Deficiency of vitamin C and zinc can cause several problems such as impaired immunity level, slow recovery and healing, fatigue, inability to fight infections and longer duration of infections. Fast&Up Charge is known for its immunity boosting properties with high concentration of natural Vitamin C.

Fast&Up Vitamin C Supplements

Common Health Benefits of Vitamin C

 Cold
It is an age-old belief- consumption of vitamin C helps to prevent and cure common cold and flu viruses. While the first part of the statement may be true, vitamin C seldom cures common cold. It does help to prevent cold by boosting your immunity levels and preventing other serious complications such as lung infections and pneumonia. It encourages the production of white blood cells, which fight off diseases, and protects the body against infections. Low level of vitamin C is often linked to poor health conditions.

 Stress
Stress is inevitable in today’s chaotic world and this in turn weakens the immune system. It is more or less similar to a vicious cycle –stress affects our immune system by depleting the level of vitamin C in our body. Therefore, it is essential to supplement vitamin C to boost your immunity level and reduce stress.

 Skin aging
The presence of vitamin C is linked to the appearance of your skin. Higher concentration of vitamin C helps to fight premature aging and skin degeneration. It also reduces wrinkles and dryness of the skin.

 Improves iron absorption
One of the many benefits of consuming vitamin C supplements is that it helps the body to absorb iron from dietary sources. It is particularly beneficial for those who are anemic as daily supplementation of vitamin C increases iron absorption by 67%. Studies reveal that both children and adults who were supplemented with vitamin C showed substantial improvement in their hemoglobin levels. Vitamin C supplements are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from low levels of iron.

 Boost immunity
Another significant reason most people choose to supplement vitamin C is that it helps to increase your immunity levels. This essential nutrient increases the production of white blood cells, which protect the body from infections. It also improves the functions of white blood cells by protecting the body against harmful molecules called free radicals. Taking vitamin C supplements also heal your wounds quickly.

 Prevents dementia
A low level of vitamin C is often linked to memory loss and impaired ability to think. Also termed as dementia, this typical medical condition affects older adults due to low level of vitamin C. Proper supplementation is shown to have a positive effect on age related memory loss and the ability to think clearly.

 Lowers cardiovascular diseases
Vitamin C supplements are essential for a healthy lifestyle as it helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which is one of the major causes of death. High blood pressure, low levels of LDL or good cholesterol, and high levels of HDL and triglycerides are some of the major causes of heart diseases. Vitamin C supplements help to reduce these risk factors and thereby lower the level of cardiovascular diseases.

The Essential Supplement for a Healthy Lifestyle

With so many health benefits, there is no reason not to supplement vitamin C along with your daily diet. As vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, it must be consumed everyday to maintain a healthy level. Fast&Up Charge is easy to consume, just drop the effervescent tablet in 250ml of water, and wait until it dissolves completely before you drink it. You can consume 1-2 tablets everyday as excess amount is often excreted. In short, vitamin C supplement is a simple and ideal way to stay healthy and active, particularly if you do not get them from your daily diet.