How Vitamin C Supports To Your Healthy Immune System

How Vitamin C Supports To Your Healthy Immune System

What is Immunity?

Immunity can be define as ability of host to resist or fight a particular toxin or germ by the action of specific defense cells or White blood cells

What is Immune System?

Immune system is host defense system which includes many biological structures and processes that protects against harmful pathogens

Without immune system humans would be more susceptible to attack from pathogens or toxins

First let’s start with some basic characters in the immune system

White Blood Cells

Vitamin C for Immunity
White blood cells are also known as leukocytes. They basically protect the body against invading pathogens or toxin by various mechanism and by sending signal to different type of WBC cells to fight against foreign particles

There 2 main types of leukocytes –

  • Phagocytes – They surround the cells and absorb pathogen and ultimately break them down, like eat them off. Several types of phagocytes are there like neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages and mast cells
  • Lymphocytes – They help body by remembering previous invaders and fight them. Lymphocytes originate in bone marrow and stay there to become B lymphocytes and other heads to thymus and become T Lymphocytes

How Does Immune response works?

Firstly, antigen is bacteria, virus, fungus or any toxin foreign particles that starts an immune response in the body. But the defense cells should be able to identify between its own cell and foreign cells. B lymphocytes help in differentiation.

Types of Immunity

  • Innate Immunity – Everyone one of us are born with certain kinds of immunity to invaders. Innate immunity action is non – specific and basically includes physical barriers like skin, mucous membrane of throat and gut.
  • Adaptive or Acquired Immunity – As the name suggest it is developed over the time. It involves antigen specific immune response that destroys pathogens
  • Passive Immunity – Involves transfer of antibodies externally against disease rather than body producing its own like new born acquiring it from its mother.

Vitamin C for Immunity

  • Vitamin C is an water soluble vitamin
  • Plays an integral role in both innate as well as adaptive immunity
  • Vitamin C supports barriers that help in prevention of invading foreign particles
  • Promotes WBC – defense cells to fight pathogens
  • Acts as potent antioxidants i.e help limiting the damage caused by free radicals
  • Being water soluble it is daily excreted out of body, thereby daily replenishment is required

Vitamin C for Immunity

Fast&Up Charge for Immunity 

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  • Zinc is central to defense system

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