Vitamin C for Covid-19

Published : Apr 26, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble nutrient. It cannot be synthesized by the human body and needs to be supplemented via diet and nutritional supplements. It influences the immune system in several ways. It has antioxidant properties and decreases inflammation, which helps improve the immune function. It also boosts the activity of phagocytes responsible for fighting infections and engulfing disease causing pathogens. In addition, it promotes the growth and development of lymphocytes, that increase the circulating antibodies in the blood, which protect the body against harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, etc.

    Vitamin C helps in the recovery process of influenza and similar diseases like common cold and makes the symptoms less severe. There’s also some evidence from research and case studies in humans that suggest that a high dose or IV form of vitamin C can reduce lung inflammation in severe respiratory illnesses such as covid-19.

    Evidence suggests that Covid-19 is more common in people with a weaker immune system. Vitamin C is seen to beneficially modulate host responses to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the causal agent of Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the critical stages. Vitamin C supplementation could serve as a preventive or therapeutic agent for COVID-19 - to treat a disease-induced deficiency, decrease oxidative stress, and support the anti-inflammatory actions of glucocorticosteroids.

    COVID-19 causes an impact on the immune system by producing a systemic inflammatory response, or cytokine release syndrome. Various case studies reported from across the world prove that low levels of vitamin C are typically observed in patients with respiratory diseases - the most likely explanation being increased metabolic consumption. Vitamin C is well known to exhibit a protective benefit and immunity boosting role in such infectious diseases.

    Indeed, supplementation is believed to support respiratory defense mechanisms, preventing viral infections, and decreasing their duration and severity and having anti-histamine properties that can improve flu-like symptoms. Patients with acute respiratory infections such as pneumonia have decreased plasma vitamin C concentrations and vitamin C administration decreases the severity and duration of pneumonia in elderly patients. This main protective action against respiratory infection makes it a target of interest in COVID-19.

    Fast&Up Charge is an entirely Natural Vitamin C supplement which delivers immunity boosting ingredients like 1000 mg natural Amla Extract and 10 mg Zinc to help support immune activity, promote a robust immune response and increase resistance to immune challenges. It is a perfect solution for those who want to avoid frequent attacks of cold, flu and sickness and stay protected in the current times of the covid-19 pandemic. Zinc improves immune health, resulting in reduced infection rates and less severe disease advancement.

    It is advised to take Vitamin C supplements as a means to strengthen your immunity and prevent a mild flu from becoming a life threatening condition. Basically the idea is to build the immunity of the body to fight the virus. This search for a cure for the virus will take months and waiting for it is not practical. The best option is to fortify the immune system to ward off the infectious virus and stay protected.

    Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

    Vaishnavi Gadi
    Women Health & Nutrition

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