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Vitamin C and Zinc for Immunity

Immunity can be defined as the resistance provided our body in response to a foreign particle be it pathogen or pollutant that can disrupt the smooth functioning of body causing infection. This function is regulated by multiple factors in the body and required nutrition for its systemic stability. Of the various nutrition factors that govern the immunity regulation, Vitamin C and Zinc for immunity have been in spotlight for quite a while owing to its multi-fold benefits.

The immunity system of the body is character by the cells and chemical processes which in unison helps to fight infections. As Vitamin C cannot be synthesized by the body it needs to be acquired from an external source in order to maintain its adequate levels. 

Vitamin C and Zinc for Immunity 

White blood cells(WBCs) which are the responsible for responding against pathogen entering the body by either wound or food or any other medium are supported by Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a major role in triggering response of WBCs that engulfing the pathogenic substance and disintegrate it thereby diminishing its threat to the body. 

Zinc on the other hand is a powerful antioxidant. It plays a key role in targeting the free radicals produced in the body. These Free radicals are waste products formed as a result of food metabolism for energy output required by the body. Zinc thus helps in eliminating this free radicals that can cause cell damage.

Fast&Up Immunity Boosters

The dual action of both Zinc and Vitamin C when taken together either by dietary sources or with the help of supplementation such as Fast&Up Charge helps in maintaining of the immunity of an individual at its best. Vitamin C also responds in a very early response of protection from infection at times of wounds. Since wound lead to an exposure to direct contact of infections, Vitamin C helps in healing the wound by assisting in tissue formation around it. 

A Strong immunity supported by a balanced diet, ample of hydration and timely exercise helps in keeping you out of harm’s way to lead a healthy lifestyle with a steady routine uninterrupted by daily sickness. 

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