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The Many Essential Roles Of Vitamin C

There is a multitude of reasons that vitamin C is such a highly regarded and fundamentally important nutrient in the body. It is responsible for a host of essential defences and functions without which the body can be deprived of its essential defences and optimum functioning. But do we know the exact processes behind these functions and why our body needs vitamin C? Let’s take a closer look at them, and highlight its essential role:

  •  Boosts Your Immune System

Vitamin C is needed for our immune functions. It is required for the production of white blood cells, and its optimum functioning and activity. This is the body’s first line of defence when we are under siege from a virus or any other infection.

  • Collagen Production

It is a fundamental nutrient for collagen production. Vitamin C is a nutrient needed for the enzyme reaction required to produce collagen. Therefore any deficiency in vitamin C will immediately impact the body’s capability to produce and maintain healthy collagen.

Vitamin C

  •   A Dose Of Redeeming Antioxidants

Due to the very simple fact that we cannot avoid causing free radical damage, antioxidant supplements are necessary to help maintain the health of all of our cells and therefore support healthy ageing. Vitamin C is one of the most effective, as well as cost-effective ways of doing this!

  •  Cardiovascular health

Antioxidants are specifically important where there is poor cardiovascular health due to the oxidative damage that has taken place in people. So another reason why Vitamin C is extremely beneficial!

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Things To Remember:

  • Vitamin C is a much-needed supplementation more so because our body does naturally store vitamin C so we must procure it from supplements created to boost these nutrients in our body.
  • Its antioxidative power is quite unmatched.
  • A great way to boost your immunity.
  • Hopefully, this quick list has informed you about the importance of Vitamin C in our lives. Click here to begin your journey with intelligent nutrition.


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