Ultimate Guide to TMM 2020 by some of Indians ace runners

Published : Jan 14, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    Ultimate guide to TMM 2020 by some of India’s ace Runners

    Anjali Saraogi

    "Run for the joy of running Mumbai. It's a glorious race... run to enjoy those moments
    Trust your training and pace as per the plan. Do not get carried away by crowds and run faster than planned pace conserve for the last 10 k. The second half of race is hard due to the sun and return climb of Pedder road, on tired legs.
    Have a good nutrition plan pre, during and after the race. Fast&Up BCAA is vital for my training and so is Recover. The choc flavor gels provide 'during race' nutrition.
    If you are prone to cramps have a plan, since Mumbai weather is very dehydrating and we lose a lot of essential salts. I use Reload to replenish."

    Tarun Walecha

    "For those running TMM for the first time, I would like to say it's one of the toughest roads runs in India but also one that's the most fun. The crowd, the energy, the cheering, and Mumbai's spirit is something you won't find anywhere. So train hard, but don't forget to soak in the experience."

    Ultimate guide to TMM 2020 by some of India’s ace Runners

    Seema Yadav

    "My advice would be take small steps. Jumping distances and hurrying to achieve milestones too fast can result in injuries. It's better to progress slowly and steadily.
    The most important aspect of running is to be consistent and disciplined.
    Another thing that I would advise is to avoid comparing yourself or competing with others. The competition should be with yourself. Each person's anatomy and physiology is different. So it's essential to listen to your body and do what suits you.
    And the most important thing is to enjoy your run."

    Simta Sharma

    "I would advise all those who are running TMM to train hard for the day. Don't run without training. Don't run too fast initially. Make a slow start and then gradually pick up once you feel comfortable. Take a proper protein diet. Taper well, eat good carbs during the race week."

    Ultimate guide to TMM 2020 by some of India’s ace Runners

    Neera Katwal

    If you are running TMM for the first time, you must be excited to be a part of one of the oldest & biggest marathons in India and must've have prepared for it adequately. Go ahead and run it with an open mind without being too critical about your performance. Pace yourself evenly throughout the race, keep hydrating every 20-30 minutes, take your Fast&Up Energy gels every 45 mins (for FM), let your body flow in a running rhythm while you soak in the scenes of the marathon - the effort/company of other runners, the cheering crowd, passing landmarks, the breeze of the sea, the music etc. You will have a great race and a PB if you run with confidence.

    Ultimate guide to TMM 2020 by some of India’s ace Runners

    Blossom Fernandez

    Respect the distance and train accordingly. Consume more carbs and electrolytes than you think you need. Mumbai is humid so make sure you are aware of your salt loss so that you can compensate adequately to avoid cramping. Focus on rest and recovery and don’t forget to foam roll.

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