Tummy Trouble, Ways to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Tummy Troubles

You stay by yourself in a PG or a rented apartment or your work place is 2 hours away from home and you don't have the time to cook or it?s early for your mom / spouse / maid to prepare your meals. Or you?re just not that person to wake up early and prepare your meals and carry them to your workplace. So the easiest thing to do is order healthy food, eat in your office canteen, grab some scrumptious meals in a local restaurant, fast food with some soda to go with it, or just some fruits from a local vendor etc. Your options are endless if you?re willing to step out and get some food or just tap a few buttons on your phone and your food is right on your table. When it?s that simple why would you take the trouble of waking up early, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. Right ? Pretty much what most of the working class people are doing right now. You?re so engrossed in your work life, getting to your office beating the traffic, partying out too late etc., the reasons can be too many. If you've ever had?food poisoning, you know your gut is an uncompromising vigilante. When a microbe gets into your body on the back of real food, the gut is fast at recognizing it and streamlines it to the near exit. The guy plays a major role in immunity and the whole purpose of the system is to identify good bacteria from bad bacteria. When you end up eating out everyday you?re dumping the gut system with tons of foreign material into it. This powerful system gears up from day one. A newborn's gastrointestinal tract is entirely germ free, but immediately after birth, pioneering bacteria begin to colonize it. The first few years of life, everyone's gut develops a unique extended family of bacterial species, determined in part by genetics and in part by diet, hygiene, medication use, and the bacteria colonizing those around us. Perhaps bacteria's most important job: stimulating and training the body's immune system and, by its overwhelming presence, crowding out more harmful critters. The specific microbial mix (your gut contains thousands of species of bacteria) you wind up with has a big impact on your health. Besides making you more resistant to disease, the balance (or lack thereof) of microbes in your gut may lower your risk of?obesity?or influence your risk of autoimmune disorders such as?rheumatoid arthritis,?multiple sclerosis,?psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Tummy Troubles Ways to keep your immune system healthy:
  1. Steer clear of detoxes and FAD diets: Colonic 'cleansers' rid the colon of good bacteria and can cause overgrowth of bad bacteria, when you don?t do it right way.
  2. Avoid overusing antibiotics:They kill not only pathogens causing your ailment but also good bacteria which help your gut to clear out easily.
  3. Consume foods with probiotics:Look for yogurts and soy milks that contain strains of?Lactobacillusand?Bifidobacteria. In addition to protecting against colds and flu and promoting healthful bacteria, probiotics can help relieve?diarrhea?caused by infection or antibiotics, irritable bowel syndrome, or?Crohn's disease.
  4. Effervescent Technology: We?re in times of ?Supplements? and people willingly being open to the idea of having additional nutrition supplements to get through their day or their workout, professional sports, marathoners, cyclists etc. Indian Supplement market has been waiting to take off for a long time. Awareness of nutrition has been on the rise. However lack of quality alternatives and education has been a dampener. ?Fast&Up? has taken upon itself an ambitious target of educating and providing high class, innovative sports nutrition to India. This includes people across the spectrum right from the Elite athletes to the occasional health enthusiasts who frequent the gym.
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