Travelers Athlete's Nutrition

Travelers Athlete’s Nutrition

Travelling athlete’s schedule demands regular traveling for matches or events who live out of suitcases and who are always on the go. This can pose a number of challenges to meeting their nutritional energy needs and are more susceptible to eat whatever is available to them at local stalls, restaurants, and hotels, etc.

Traveling to new places also makes the athletes want to try various local foods which again is a challenge. For them limited food availability, low food hygiene, odd eating timings, surplus of food calories, unfamiliar foods, and interference with usual routines can see traveler either, gaining weight, facing other health problems.

Travelers Athlete’s Nutrition

Therefore, it is crucial to make healthier and suitable food choices according to their goals by keeping in mind some tips:

1. Meals pre-organized gives you more control over your food intake, helps you make healthier choices and can keep food costs down. Make sure your accommodation is conveniently located near healthy meals shops and restaurants.

2. Carry your healthy foods with you in your bag everywhere you go so you always have access to something suitable. Nuts, Protein bars, Salads, Breakfast cereal, basic supplements, and fruit bowls are good options to pack.

3. Beware of hidden fat, added sugars, and ingredients used in restaurant meals. Be free to ask them and request changes if necessary and make a good choice of the place.

4. For an athlete or anybody for that matter, food hygiene and safety should be major concern as it may lead to stomach upsets which may lead to flop in work schedule and unwanted stress. Therefore, checking the hotel's hygiene, one must make a smarter choice to eat.

5. Look out for the menu online and do some prior investigation to find out what to expect at your destination including the weather conditions and food availability.

6. Keep a stock of medicines if you’re suffering from any medical condition and carry your traveling essential supplements to maintain good health and immunity well.

7. Keep a good stock of all the required sports nutrition required for the recovery from the games and immunity supplements to help you acclimatize to the new weather conditions.

Travelers Athlete’s Nutrition

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Sayali Naik

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