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Training Hacks For Every Female Athlete

No she is not a female athlete. She is an athlete.

First of all, is there any difference in procedure in strength training exercises for women versus the strength training for men? Secondly, does there even need to be an article specifically for women? The answer is yes & no. Let us clarify: Yes because many women avoid strength training due to misinformation and myths that make her avoid this crucial part of training. This article will address these myths. No because there is very little difference thus, women should be strength training in the most part, exactly the same as men! Blog1 ?Let?s first address why Strength Training For Women is important: 1) Gain more muscle fibres Muscle fibers are recruited based on need. Thus, lower the demand, fewer fibers required and the greater the demand, more fibers required. Strength training exercises teach our body to recruit more muscle fibres. When we require extra power to blast up that hill or sprint to the finish line, those muscle fibers will be trained and ready. You will also notice that you fatigue lesser. PS - Fast&Up Activate can help you delay fatigue during your workouts when you decide to welcome a stronger you this 2018! 2) Burn More Fat Strength training helps burn more fat than only cardio workouts. 3) Age Strong - Live Long Strength training helps in anti-aging and also help to prevent cognitive decline. A long healthy life, the best gift you can give to yourself! 4) Injury Free? Yes Please! Strength training exercises helps prevent injuries! If you suffer knee pain running, back pain cycling or shoulder pain due to swimming, these injuries can be cured with proper strength training the focuses on the form. Blog2 Now let?s bust the myths about strength training for women Myth 1: ?It will make me bulky? This is biologically not possible. You will tone up but women do not have enough testosterone to bulk up like men! It is through supplementation that you can achieve a bulky body but if you train correctly, you may tone up a little for the first 2-3 months but you will not get bulky. Myth 2: ?I cannot lift over 1kg? This is NOT strength training. Sure if you are weak, you will start there but you will life more weight as you progress and you will love it! The power you feel, the strength that you have developed - it is something you will be proud about! I am convinced! How should I start? Blog3 Step 1 - Make sure your technique is good A crucial aspect of strength training is the form. To ensure you are doing it right, it would be ideal to take a few sessions of personal training and become familiar with the machines before going solo. Step 2 Consistency is Queen Start slow, be consistent and listen to your body. Step 3? Hydrate & Recover Do not forget to sip water. It is oft forgotten but so essential. Hydrate with Fast&Up Reload is an optimized electrolyte drink to ensure you regain what is lost when sweating during workout. Order today on If you like this article, share this with your girlfriends to celebrate women who lift!