TRAINING FOR TCS 10K? Here's how you can effectively TRAIN yourself to cross that oh-so attractive Finish Line

TRAINING FOR TCS 10K? Here?s how you can effectively TRAIN yourself to cross that oh-so attractive Finish Line


If you've already run a 5K, congratulations on your progress so far, you can now shift your gear towards 10-K. Many runners start by entering a 5-K, then shift upwards to the 10-K (10,000 meters, or 6.2 miles) en route to a marathon. If you've made the decision to run a 10-K race you might as well do it right. A 10-K running race is 6.2 miles. 10-K races are popular for all ages because the training and recovery times are much shorter than those for a marathon. Age no bar. Training for a 10k is all about putting together the right pieces of training in the correct proportions according to the demands of the race. Things You'll Need:

?Here?s How you can Build you way up for this Big Day Challenge:
  • Consult your doctor, if you are not currently active:The doctor can run tests and ensure your body is capable for such kinds of activities. People with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or joint problems should make sure they have their doctor consultation done.
  • Invest in a good pair of running shoes: Make sure you are comfortable running in your shoes and does not cause any blisters or problems which can have an impact on your training.
  • Download Tracking Apps to keep track of your distances: You can download tracking apps like Runkeeper, Strava, Nike+, etc. for iPhones or Android smart phonesto track the distance covered in time, pace, etc. which can help you in self-analysis.
  • Begin with a walking warm up: You can start with a brisk-walk. Add 1 to 2 minute intervals of jogging in between the walking. Warm-up can include a set of stretching, jogging, walking patterns. Combine FAST&UP ACTIVATE in your PRE-WORKOUT STRATEGY to ensure you are ready for your training. Warm Up, Get Ready.
  • Learn how to breathe effectively: Getting the most out of your breathing can help to increase both your running speed and your overall stamina. You should inhale and exhale using both your mouth and nose.
  • Figure out your current speed: Self-analysis is the key. Before, you decide to jump to another milestone, it is important you figure out if you are still ready for it. Analyse your current speed, time how fast you are currently running and measure your. Carry a stopwatch along with you and time yourself while you run and measure how much times it takes for you to finish a mile or so and get better on it accordingly. This way you will improve your performance.
  • Stay Hydrated:Hydration strategy is a vital and indispensable part of the optimum nutrition programme any runner follows. It is essential that runners stay hydrated, as dehydration can lead to unconsciousness, fatigue, etc. which can prevent you from successfully crossing the finish line. Choose a hypotonic hydration drink to partner with as it ensures quick hydration without drying your mouth, which is just an ideal choice for hydration. Hydrate right with FAST&UP RELOAD. It provides you with the right combination of electrolytes, antioxidants and carbohydrates.
  • Try running on the treadmill: Using a treadmill is a great way to train your body to run at a higher tempo. To get the most of your treadmill workouts, set the machine to a speed slightly higher than what you?re comfortable with and push yourself to keep up. This will train your legs and muscles to work at a higher speed, even off the treadmill and help you in your real run.
  • Try yoga: Yoga will help you work on your physical and psychological factors. This will help you in your run in a great way. Yoga not only helps to improve your flexibility but also calm your mind. Try fit in a yoga class in your weekly schedule.
  • Cross-training: Other than running, you can also opt to try for swimming, cycling, elliptical, stair climbing, rock wall climbing, or fast walking mid your training schedule. Do cross training with low-impact, like yoga, if you are feeling sore.
  • Right Nutrition: Participating in a 10K race is no cake walk and is no small accomplishment. You need adequate nutrition to train in the weeks and months before the event as it will help you build strength and endurance. Putting miles in your shoes is not enough, Treat your body well by fueling it with healthy food and your performance will be better on race day.? Calorie needs for athletes in training vary considerably. Contact a nutritionist or dietician and yourself the right diet as per your needs and demands of the body.
  • ENERGY BOOST ON-THE-GO:Provide yourself with Instant Energy Boost on-the-go with FAST&UP ENERGIZE.? It is the First Liquid Energy Gel available in India. No need to drink water after consumption of Gel so as to avoid the obnoxious bloating or any GI distress.? Liquid technology of gel ensures quick absorption. BITE, SQUEEZE, GO.
  • GO RUNNING MANTRA:Get yourself in the mindset; think to yourself, 'I am going to do really great.'
  • RECOVER:Recover for your next game with FAST&UP RECOVER? which is a unique Post-Workout effervescent drink which helps your body recover and helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
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And Now you?re ready for the Big Day Challenge.



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