Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

All-rounders are very important for their team. They are high utility players as they can do the double job of batting as well as bowling. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is expected to be an All-rounders tournament with most of the experts say that they will have a huge impact and will be crucial for their team’s success. Some All-rounders which will fire up the tournament are:

1. Hardik Pandya

Hardik is the only player who can match Russell’s power hitting. Hardik is a very bold batsman and is very lethal against spinners. He charges against them and goes berserk in the death overs. He is a very fast and safe fielder too. He bowls the hard length which is needed in ODI cricket and is an efficient seam bowler. His performance will be crucial for Team India to become the World Champions.

Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

2. Andre Russell

Dre Russ is known for his power hitting and explosive batting style. He can clear the boundary at any time and no ground seems to be big for him. He can chase down any total as it was evident by his batting in IPL. He will surely fire up the tournament with his six hitting ability and not to forget about his electric fielding. His bowling is as potent as his batting.

Russell is quite active on the field and puts in all his energy so that his team wins. His energy level is always high when he is on the field. This makes him a very dangerous player for the opponents.

3. Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib is ranked as the no.1 all-rounder in ODI’s and very versatile player. He will bat at the crucial position of No.3 for Bangladesh and his 10 overs will be key to his team’s success. If required he can also play as a slogger. He bowls very tight lines and is very accurate. With all his experience his form will be vital for his team.

Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

Playing at No.3, Shakib’s role will be to keep the scoreboard ticking and getting those singles and doubles in the middle overs. He will have to keep himself hydrated throughout his innings as he will also have to bowl his full quota of overs.

4. Mohammad Nabi

Nabi is an able all-rounder who bowls off-spin and bats down the order to give his team the firepower needed at the end of the innings. His ability with the ball is well-defined and his main preys are the left-handed batsmen playing for the opposition. His explosive batting makes him the key to Afghanistan’s World Cup 2019 campaign.

5. Jason Holder

Jason Holder will lead West Indies team at the ICC World Cup 2019. His height is an advantage for him as he can extract extra bounce from the surface which makes it difficult for the batsmen to score against him. He has a solid technique and can also slog the ball during the end overs to lift his team’s total to the big score.

Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

6. Moeen Ali

Ali plays for England and doubles the role of the off-spin bowler and a perfect lower order batsman who provide the required impetus at the death overs. His nagging lines and change of pace in his bowling are hard to score against. His clean striking against the spinners is unmatched. He will be key in England’s quest for their maiden title.

Top 7 All-Rounders to watch out for in ICC World Cup 2019

7. Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is a seam-bowling all-rounder who bats left-handed lower down the order. He has played many innings for England down the order which has helped his team recover from a slump and post a fightable total on board. With the ball, he bowls tight overs in the middle and has ample of variations at his disposal. His form will be key to England’s World Cup dreams.

All the All-rounders will lit the tournament with their batting and bowling. Since all of these are double utility player, their ace performance will help their respective perform well at the ICC World Cup 2019. This year’s World Cup will see the best of them all.

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