Winter workout essentials for your guidance


 Dear fats,

Prepare to die!


Your Workout.

Who says workout in winters is not a good idea? It’s a myth there are lot many benefits to it of which we are not even aware of! The fact is, it is such a laborious task to throw off our blankets aside and sacrifice the cozy zone we are in. So we blame the season for what the laziness did.

Remember, Nature is our friend and not the enemy. In such a case all we can do is analyze and sum up all the possible vigilant situations that could come up during the sessions.

Winter Season workout benefits:

        Stress Buster

        Less Sweat as the temperature is cooler

        Increases mental strength and robustness

        Blood flow and circulation rise up

        Burns more energy because the energy that is being required to heat up the body’s temperature 

A female runner running in the morning

Now, talking about top 5 winter workout essentials:

        Warm up: “A warm-up prepares the body for exercise by increasing the temperature of muscles and connective tissue, which makes them more supple and elastic,” says Stephen D. Ball, Ph.D. hence, warm-up reduces the risk of injury.


        Protect- Head, Hands, and Feet:  Cover your head, hands, and feet with thin layers and not the too warm one, it should be such that can easily be removed when you start to sweat and can be easy to wear when needed. In winters, blood flow is concentrated in your body’s core expect from your hands, head, and feet.

CAUTION: Avoid wearing cotton gloves and socks, try putting on a thin layer of synthetic since cotton stays wet, so something that dries quickly is better.

        Sun protection:  Just because it is less sunny during winter does not mean that you are free from tanning or sun rays, carry your sun protection even during winters. Protecting your skin from UV rays is a 365 days commitment. Science says that no matter how the weather is up to 80% of sun rays still penetrate. That is the reason why sun protection is always a priority.


        Hydrate:  Undoubtedly we feel less thirsty during winters but do not let the climate fool you, hydration is equally important during all the seasons. When we work out our body demands fluids in order to maintain the water level balance in the body. Research says that flavored water increases water consumption. It is important to choose the right hydration support in such a case. Fast&Up Reload is a hydration supplement which is available in three refreshing flavors Citrus, Cola and Berry. The amazing fact about Reload is that it is a perfect blend of electrolytes, carbohydrates, and Antioxidants. Vitamin D3 and Calcium helps to prevent muscle exhaustion and Vitamin C prevents fatigue and muscle soreness.

Fast&Up Reload - Best Hydration Drink 

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        Say no to hot shower post workout:  Do not jump into a hot shower post workout, the climate demands to get a hot shower but it is not at all advisable. Reason? During winter post workout we expect to get a relief from the pain that has been caused during the workout but this will work adversely as instead of getting the relief you might end up facing more muscle pain.


#FastAndUp this winter and do not let the laziness take over the control!

This year let your health resolution work. #YourFitnessFuel



Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer