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Top 5 Raiders to Watch Out for in PKL 2019

Published : Jul 23, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

Raiders have been the face of Pro Kabaddi League as they have stolen the limelight at the biggest stage. PKL, the second most successful domestic league in India, after cricket, has seen some insanely dramatic matches being played with raiders changing the flow of the game with only one raid. Raiders have always lit up the tournament and this year will be no different.

Here are some Top Raiders and Defender of PKL 2019, who have entertained us from many seasons and will continue doing the same

Rohit Kumar (Bengaluru Bulls)
The Captain Cool of Kabaddi who will lead the charge of the Bulls with his excellent raiding skills is Rohit Kumar. He was the first player to score 30 points in a PKL match when he got 32 points to his name against UP Yoddhas. Beware the opposition of his Frog Jump as he knows to take full advantage of his height and will not miss out on any scoring opportunity.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit is tall and very agile on the mat. He uses his speed to score points and deceive the opposing defenders. To maintain his speed and energy levels, he makes sure that he is adequately hydrated during match time.

Pardeep Narwal (Patna Pirates)
The Dubki King of PKL, Pardeep Narwal is the highest point scorer in the history of the league. His Dubki has helped Pirates to become the most successful side in PKL by winning 3 consecutive titles. He has the most raids points, most super raids and most super 10’s which makes him a real champ.

Pradeep Narwal
Maninder Singh (Bengal Warriors)
A raider who raids on the basis of his brute force is Maninder Singh. He comes from a wrestling background and himself is very strong and bulky which helps him to score points. He plans his raids tactically and uses his long hands to reach and touch the defender to get them out.

Maninder many times carries defenders with himself in his quest to reach back to his side. This is only possible because he has great muscle strength which allows him to force his way back.

Ajay Thakur (Tamil Thalaivas)
Captain of the Indian Kabaddi team is also the captain of Tamil based franchise. Ajay is known for his consistency and the supreme ability to stay calm under pressure. He has always brought out his performance during the time it has mattered the most. Frog Jump is his most lethal weapon.

Rishak and Ajay

Rishank Devadiga (UP Yoddhas)
Playing initially for U Mumba, Rishank developed the tag for himself as the Do-or-Die specialist. Later on, when he was roped in by UP, he scored 28 points as a captain and showed everyone that he has the skills and mindset to lead aside and perform even better.

In a long tournament like Pro Kabaddi League, fitness will be key for all these raiders. They will aim to be at the peak of their health to perform their level best. To remain fit, they shall meet their daily nutritional requirements. Fast&Up Vitalize can help Kabaddi players to maintain their fitness. Vitalize is a complete daily Multivitamin Supplement which help raiders to stay fit and healthy.

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