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Top 5 Emerging Players of IPL 2019

Published : Jun 04, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

IPL is the best part of summer vacations. IPL 2019 was no different. It had fiery spells, brutal power hitting and some impossible fielding efforts. IPL 2019 is now over and this season was as exciting and impressive as other seasons of IPL. Every year there are few bunch of players who impress all with their batting and bowling skills. Some players who were impressive in IPL 2019 were:

1. Shreyas Gopal

Shreyas Gopal had a dream season playing for Rajasthan Royals. He took 20 wickets at a whooping strike rate of 14.4. He got wickets of the most important batsmen of opposition teams and emerged as the leader of Rajasthan’s bowling department. When got a chance he also showed some of his batting skills and performed his best throughout the tournament.

Top 5 Emerging Players of IPL 2019 20

2. RiyanParag

Riyan is a 17 years old all-rounder who played for Rajasthan Royals. In the seven matches he played, he scored 160 runs at a healthy strike rate of 127. During the last league match against Delhi Capitals where all the other RR batsmen failed to score runs he held one end and scored a fifty to help RR reach a par score. He showed great skills and temperament throughout the season.

3. Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar played for Chennai Super Kings this season and impressed every one with his opening spells. 19 out of his 22 wickets came in the power play. He was vital for CSK and helped CSK to restrict opposition to a below par score by taking wickets upfront and then bowling dot balls to keep the opposition under pressure.

Top 5 Emerging Players of IPL 2019 20

4. Rahul Chahar

Rahul Chahar, cousin brother of Deepak Chahar, played for champions Mumbai Indians this season and impressed all by his leg spin bowling. He was awarded as the game changer in finals for his excellent spell of 4-014-1.

Playing at Wankhede, he kept the scoring rate down and took important wickets of opposition to help MI win the tournament.

5. Shubman Gill

Gill was promoted to open the batting for KKR and he showed is skills immediately by scoring 76 runs against MI. He was awarded as the Rising Star of the tournament for his impressive knocks at top order for KKR. He took the charge against opposition bowlers and amassed 296 runs at a healthy strike rate of 124.36. He played with elegance and had an amazing season.

Top 5 Emerging Players of IPL 2019 20

These players played brilliantly for their teams and got praises from all cricket pundits as well as cricket fans and all eyes will be on them when IPL returns for its next season. This will require them to grow as players and upgrade themselves. They will have to stay fit and healthy to have another impressive season.

IPL 2019 was played at 8 different locations and players were on the move after every game. Travelling is a vital part of IPL and players need to stay hydrated and fit during their travel. Fast&Up Travel Essentials Bundle (Reload Cola and Vitalize) is easy to carry travel essentials to maintain complete health while on travel.

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