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TMM 2020 - The Fuel of India's Biggest Marathon

Published : Jan 21, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Jan 23, 2020

India's biggest, and most eagerly awaited marathon took place in the heart of Mumbai and witnessed the staggering participation of 55,322 runners. It wasn't just the dynamic performances of the elite runners that made the event so spectacular. The infectious joy that the spirit of running springs forth was exemplified by all the people who participated in the event: runners, volunteers, and spectators. As promised, it was a Sunday like no other.

The 17th edition of the Mumbai Marathon 2020 kicked off at 5.15 am. Runners participated in different categories of runs - from the full marathon, half marathon, the 10k run, the Mumbai Elite run among others. The half marathon commenced from the Bandra Worli Sealink while all the other runs began from the iconic Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal. The runners were provided ultimate care and support, and were nourished by the Official Energy Drink Partner- Fast&Up- along every step of the way, so they never have to run into the runners’ risk of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

TMM 2020_ The Fuel Of India's Biggest Marathon

The event was buzzing with the irresistible energy of all those present which translated to creating unforgettable moments for all those present there. We obviously can't do justice to all the exciting activity by recapturing the run, but for those of you who missed it, here's a run-down of what made TMM 2020, such a special event.

Record-Breaking Run
Derrara Hurisa, a 22-year-old Ethiopian national, shattered the event record for the full marathon elite category. He finished the marathon in just 2:08:09. Ayele Abshero and Birhanu Teshome followed in at in second and third. Way to go Derrara!

TMM 2020_ The Fuel Of India's Biggest Marathon

The Dream Run
Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray flagged off the Dream Run, a 5.9 kilometers race and a non-timed fun run. Actor Rahul Bose also participated in the Dream Run. Lyricist Gulzar was also present among the children during the run. This non-timed run embodies the spirit of active living and the impact we can create when we come together as one and celebrate healthy living.

Awareness Of Social Issues
Several participants came to this event to campaign and spread the needful awareness of several social causes in unique and interesting ways. One participant yielded a message about the activities carried out by humans and its effects on earth while expressing concerns over the gradually deteriorating quality of the environment. As propounded, the TMM brought all its participants to run together as one!

TMM 2020_ The Fuel Of India's Biggest Marathon

Runners Energized With Elite Hydration
Above all, it was a priority for the runners and volunteers of TMM to be secured with the right nutrition to keep them energized and hydrated throughout the race, wherever need be. That's why over 350 volunteers from Fast&Up set up hydration stalls along the race route to secure the runners with the instant energy drink- Reload- in order to replenish the electrolytes runners naturally lose during the course of the race. After all, since we know, that water just isn't enough to sustain hydration levels amongest marathon runners.

To conclude the race, all in all, was a thrill to experience for all those present, and this excitement has us all geared up to anticipate the Tata Mumbai Marathon next year, as it certainly becoming a yearly ritual for those who have engaged in the run before. Fast&Up was delighted to have hydrated and energized all the 55, 322 runners of this memorable TMM 2020. Indeed, it was a Sunday to remember!

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