Celebrate the anniversary of your favorite sports store Decathlon with a fun event this weekend!

If you are someone or know someone who loves outdoor games and loves sports - the Decathlon Sports Utsav 2018 is the place for you! The Decathlon Sports Utsav is a sports event that is a fun fitness event taking place in Bangalore which is organised by Trailrangers Sports and Events.

The event is a part of the Anniversary celebrations of Decathlon. A Sports Utsav where you can choose to run, cycle and explore more than 10 sports at the venue such as archery, football, skateboarding among many others!


Participants get a t-shirt, bag, e-certificate and hydration by Fast&Up! We are the official hydration partners for the Decathlon Sports Utsav 2018.

To keep yourself energetic throughout the event there are two things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay Energetic


When your body is hydrated, you lose focus because dehydration makes you feel uneasy.

Fast&Up is the hydration partner, we are providing you with a few easy tips to stay hydrated during the Decathlon Sports Utsav 2018.

  1. Water intake: Water is the king when it comes to hydration tip.
  2. Avoid alcohol: At least 48 hours prior do not intake alcohol, it can be the main reason of dehydration.
  3. Check your urine color: This will help you to figure out your dehydration level.
  4. Flavored water: After a point only water consumption will not be enough, electrolytes help to replenish what you lose when sweating and flavored water helps to increase your water intake due to better taste. But ensure the flavored water is not just sugar but also essential electrolytes, salts & sugar. Choose the right product which will help you to Reload and rehydrate faster!
  5. Decathlon-running-event

  6. No stress: Do not stress on the further events, just take it one by one and your are there.

Fast&Up Reload is your hydration hack for the event. It is in the form of an effervescent tablet which consists of essential electrolytes in a hypotonic format. Reload helps you to rehydrate faster, stronger and helps you feel more energetic and fresh! Just Fizz, Sip & Perform with Fast&Up Reload.


To stay energetic through the decathlon sports utsav is must which will keep you motivated . And the secret to stay motivated through the decathlon sports utsav is:


Fast&Up Energy Gel is available in strawberry banana and chocolate flavor, which will give you instant energy boost within 7-10 minutes of consumption. Fast&Up Energy Gel is a combination of Maltodextrin and Caffeine in a compact and liquigel form to help provide an instant energy boost of approximately 102 Kcal in a single serving gel sachet. With our proprietary Liquigel technology, Fast&Up Energy Gel helps ensure quick absorption for a power-packed and unmatched performance. It easy to ingest and light to digest. This tasty on-the-go Fast&Up Energy Gel is 100% vegetarian and is convenient to carry during any sport and is easy to use. Just Bite-Squeeze-Action.

Event Details:

Name - Decathlon Sports Utsav
Categories: 3 K | 5 K | 10 K Run
Time - 6 AM onwards
Venue - Manyata Tech Park
Organisers - Trailrangers Sports and Events

Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer