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Firstly let us understand that what self-care actually is?

When we think from the right side of brain self-care is self-pampering, self-grooming or any fancy imagination. But the reality is there is a lot more to it. With every experience, we realize that self-care is making our soul happy by doing something which will serve us with inner peace. 

Why rely on someone else to take care of us when “I can take care of myself” is enough to do so?

All it takes is the right way.

Everyone is selfish, but are you selfish about your health?

Self-improvement is self-care. Being selfish is a default characteristic but how about changing that from negative to positive?

If we can’t change the characteristic we can at least change it to something good!

And honestly, nothing can overpower the positive vibes.

Let’s self-care and be selfish in a better way,

Tips to Self-Care:

        Meditation: Meditation is the perfect getaway for self. Guide yourself to a world where you are away from all type of distraction. Meditation helps you find your inner peace, and this will be the time you will dedicate to the universe.


        Forgive Yourself: Take a step towards self- improvement, take back the power from people who control your emotions, allow yourself to say no to- things that no longer serve you to grow. Free your soul from all the guilt that is making your heart heavy, let it all go and move forward with forgiveness.


        Let your words flow positively: Replace all the negative words into positive, even if you want to say a no, let your words flow in such way that it won’t hurt someone else, eventually, you will see your life changing and this will be for your better.


        Take a social media break: This time surprise your parents by doing this on your own, we are so busy with our virtual lives that we don’t spend the “me” time with self. And it’s not only about surprising our parents or giving them your time, but it’s also about you this will help you grow your bond with them, and grow your bond with your better self.


        Hunt for a healthy distraction: Healthy distraction intends something which will let you learn something new. Stop searching for unhealthy distractions because these things will be a temporary distraction but not what will help alter you into a happier you.


        Take care of your health: Health is the real wealth, the most important tip for self-care is to take care of yourself, when you are not happy with your health then you are not going to be happy with anything else. Go for regular body checkups, take care of your skin, intake multivitamins regularly to protect you from deficiency related diseases. Vitalize your body with Fast&Up Multivitamins #Vitalize

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer