10 Tips to Ensure Good Health after Covid19 Vaccine

Published : Apr 29, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    10 Tips to Ensure Good Health after Covid19 Vaccine - Fast&Up

    The vaccination process against the deadly coronavirus is in full swing in India and from 1st May 2021, all those who are 18+ will be eligible for vaccines. Taking a vaccine is a must for all. This will help every one of us to further strengthen our immunity to avoid the potential damage caused by the virus. Getting vaccinated will be the first and most important step taken towards the collective effort that all are putting in to bring an end to this pandemic.

    People who have been vaccinated have many questions as well as myths as to what to do after one gets the first dose especially to ensure good health and well-being.

    Few important tips to ensure good health after Covid19 Vaccine:

    1. Don’t Panic as Side-effects are Common

    Once you get vaccinated there are some side-effects which are commonly seen in many individuals like pain, redness and swelling of the hand along with headache, fatigue, high fever, muscle pain, nausea and anxiety. But don’t as these signs are good. These effects are caused as the body is building protection and generally these effects go away in a day or two.

    2. Say ‘NO’ to Alcohol for at least 45 days

    Most experts suggest that one should give up on heavy drinking for at least 45 days after getting vaccinated. This is because drinking can cause dehydration leading to amplification of other symptoms which will further weaken your immune system, which has to be at its full strength to fight other effects of the vaccine.

    3. Take Doctor’s Advice before consuming any Painkiller

    One may suffer from severe pain which may turn unbearable at times. However, one must consult his/her doctor before taking any painkillers. One can generally opt for OTC pain relievers like aspirin to relieve post-vaccination effects but taking your doctor’s advice is strictly suggested. Instead, taking enough rest for two days will help you get back to a normal and healthy state.

    Take Doctor’s Advice before consuming any Painkiller - Fast&Up

    4. Stay Adequately Hydrated

    Most people who have taken vaccines have also suffered from symptoms of dehydration especially fatigue, sleepiness, tiredness and mild headaches. This calls for adequate hydration on a timely basis. Eat more fruits, vegetables and drink enough water. One can also take help of an electrolyte drink to fight the symptoms of dehydration.

    5. Take your Multivitamins

    Taking a vaccine makes your body weak for a short period of time. The body makes the necessary arrangement to reduce the side-effects of the vaccine. Enriching your body with the essential vitamins and minerals will further help it to keep you protected and safe. Many experts suggest that taking multivitamin for at least a week after dosage is necessary to help bridge all nutritional gaps and make the body strong and healthy.

    6. Wear Mask & Maintain Social Distancing

    Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean that you do not have to follow the safety rules levied by the government. Wearing mask(s) and maintaining social distancing has to be followed compulsorily. One has to know that vaccines will help to further strengthen the body’s immunity and only prevention will help avoid getting infected.

    Wear Mask & Maintain Social Distancing - Fast&Up

    7. Boosting The Immune System Remains A Priority!

    All of us have realized the importance of having a powerful immune system which is strong enough to resist any harmful element of the environment. And even after getting vaccinated, one has to keep continuity with the good habit of boosting immunity with the help of various home remedies or supplements. Vitamin C is a key nutrient as its antioxidant properties help to strengthen the immune system.

    8. Encourage Others to get Vaccinated

    There are various myths related to vaccines. Those who get vaccinated must encourage others to do so by clearing all their queries and sharing personal experience with others. This can be done within your family as well as your society. One can use the power and reach of social media to reach maximum people and raise awareness. This will help us develop

    9. Give Importance to Mental Health Too

    The uncertain situation around can be disturbing leading to feeling of stress, anxiousness and even lead to depression. Taking vaccine already makes your body weak and further deterioration of mental health can be dangerous. Take a walk, perform yoga or meditation, spend time daily in what you like to do or any hobby you have as all this will help you stay in a positive and healthy state of mind.

    10. Mark Your Date for Second Dose and Register Accordingly

    Mark Your Date for Second Dose and Register Accordingly - Fast&Up

    Lastly, one has to note the date of first dose and accordingly mark the date of next dose in your calendar. As the date of the second dose comes closer, register yourself for the second dose and get fully vaccinated. And once you get the second dose, follow the tips mentioned above to stay healthy and fit after vaccination.

    10 tips mentioned above will help you to deal comfortably with the after effects of vaccines. Follow these tips to live a healthy lifestyle even after getting vaccinated. However, “Vaccine Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get Infected” and thus, following the rules of social distancing, wearing masks, constantly boosting your immunity, etc. are important to stay protected from getting infected.

    Do Not Hesitate, Please Vaccinate!


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