Tips to help you ace your Chennai Marathon this year


Run for a cause, run a marathon.

Welcome, New Year with some Positive Vibes!

Marathon is not only a run but also an experience which can change your perception towards life.

Chennai Marathon is scheduled on 4th January 2019 is a Marathon for a cause -






The best part is, here you can choose your way of contribution or donation. The event is also known as the Skechers Performance Chennai Marathon.

Finishing a Marathon is a state of mind which says anything is possible!

Chennai Marathon is in its 7th Edition, this event is the largest sports event in Chennai. Initiated in 2006, the Chennai run is one of the biggest marathons in the entire country after Mumbai Run.

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        10K Run

        Half Marathon

        Perfect 20 Miler

        Full Marathon


        Rest: While you practice, it is equally important to take some rest. The priority you give to your race the same amount should be given to the rest. When you rest you recover.


        Fuel-Up: Rehydrate! Your body demands hydration. Choose a right source of hydration and Reload your body with electrolytes, because hydration is the key. 

Fast&Up Reload: Tastier, Healthier and Easier

Fast&Up Reload is an effervescent hydration supplement. Reload is India’s first Informed-Choice certified effervescent supplement. Reload is easy to carry as well as easy to consume, just drop one effervescent tablet in water, let it dissolve and you are ready to drink. Fast&Up Reload is a hypotonic formula and with a unique blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and antioxidants. Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D3 helps reduce fatigue and prevents muscle soreness. The unique combination of Maltodextrin and Fructose helps to give instant energy.

        Warm-Up: While you warm up your body temperature rises which prevents you from muscle related injuries before you dive in for the performance.


        Diet and Nutrition: It is important to take care of it what you intake while you are going through the event phase. The food you intake should have high nutritional value in it because the value they serve with will nourish your body from within and will help you increase your performance.


        Energy Build: The energy supplements you choose play a vital role in building energy. It depends upon how instant the product serves you with energy or how efficient and effective it is after intake. 

Chocolate flavoured Fast&Up Energy gels 

Fast&Up Energy Gel is an instant energy supplement which is in the form of a liquid gel, it is a unique combination of maltodextrin and caffeine. One energy gel sachet will serve you with a 102Kcal instant energy boost, 60% maltodextrin, and 0.1% caffeine. Fast&Up Energy Gel is made up with all banned substances free. Energy Gel is available in two flavors Strawberry- Banana, and Chocolate.

It is easy to carry and easy to consume. Just - BITE. SQUEEZE. ACTION.

To know more about Fast&Up Nutrition Supplements, click here.

Event Place:

Chennai Trade Centre,

Hall 1 Nandambakkam,




Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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