Published : Mar 20, 2019
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    Holi is a festival of fun, frolic, and colors! It’s a festival which is celebrated all over India, right from children to grandparents everyone enjoys this colorful festival. Holi is considered to be the celebration of everything that is lively and youthful. The beauty of Holi is that it is the only festival which allows us to roll around the heaps of colors and look like a human version of a beautiful rainbow! Everyone welcomes this festival of colors with lots of excitement and belief that this festival will bring in the positive beginning along with the beautiful colors!

    We all have that inner child in us which comes out and make us enjoy this festival to the fullest. But one thing to keep in mind it is important to keep yourself safe, and our loved ones safe, health must never be compromised for the sake of fun.


    Here are few tailor-made tips to keep in mind for a healthy and a safe Holi:


    Preferably go for organic colors, say no to colors having chemicals, keep in mind that these colors will harm your skin. Chemically treated colors are worst when it comes to taking them off the skin they might end up giving you negative reactions, rashes or acne on the skin. It is good to use natural colors which are made from the kitchen ingredients or from natural raw material like flowers, sandalwood or turmeric.

           Use grandma tips on- how to treat yourself post-playing

    We all know that our grandma is our Shero! When it comes to home remedies her techniques are failproof. She will give us the best and the safest kitchen remedies to take off the colors from our skin. The most popular one is oiling our skin as soon as possible!

    Want more remedies? 

    Contact your Grandma! How about doing something special for her this time, as she does it for us all the time?

    At this age, her body demands bone care, surprise her with the best Bone care supplement Fast&Up Fortify and wish her a happy Holi saying #BuraNaManoHealthyHai

           Protect your eyes

    Prefer wearing sunglasses it will not only protect your eyes from the sun but also will protect your eyes from colors. If you use contact lenses regularly avoid wearing them while playing Holi, colors are not safe for contact lenses your eyes will suffer if anything goes wrong.

           Sun protection

    Give yourself a proper oil massage, or apply a nice amount of sunscreen lotion to your skin. Oil will not only protect you from the sun but will also, protect your skin from getting rashes or acne that usually happens post playing.

           Wash your hands properly before eating

    Make sure you keep your food covered, holi colors are in the form of fine powder which usually tend to get mixed up in boxes of sweets and dry fruits that we put out for guests. So it is better to wash hands and eat anything.

           Stay hydrated

    Since holi bring the arrival of summer, we must ensure that our body doesn’t gets dehydrated. Health is always a priority, so stay hydrated as much as you can. In fact why not choose to hydrate our guests with a clean flavored hydration drink? Hydrate clean with India’s favorite effervescent range of nutrition.

    Fast&Up Reload, which is now also available in a new refreshing Lime & Lemon flavor.

    Fast&UpReload is also available in Cola, Citrus and Berry!

    Fast&Up Reload: Fizzy Hai But Healthy Hai



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