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I?m one of those runners who is prone to injury no matter what I do. Praying not to get hurt after writing this piece?😃 Over the past couple of years I have injured myself very close to my key races. Having lower back problem early in my running years puts you on a back seat at time. It was a result of too much too soon. Not Building my running base and jumping in the rat race of being too fast too soon. So why is Bone Health so crucial for athletes and more so for female athletes? Stress Fractures? Stress fractures are small cracks in your bone. Long distance runners are quite prone to these stress fractures.? Sudden increase in your running mileage or immediately jumping into those high intensity workout or speed drills without building strength or a good base are one of the main reasons behind these fractures. It is very important to start right. And believe me, it is not only athletes who get stress fractures but anyone with weaker bones can land up with this and it is not fun to have one. For an injury free running it is very important that our bones and muscles are in healthy conditions. Osteoporosis One cannot actual feel their bones getting weak or may not be even aware of it. Few years ago my mother was diagnosed with severe Osteoporosis. She had heard the word a zillion times but never thought it could be so dreadful. She was 40kgs heavier and doctors had advised her minimal movement. She was 58yrs then had very high chances of breaking her back and hip, as the entire load of her weight was on her hips and back. She couldn't exercise much as any sudden movement could cause severe damage. The whole family took the matter very seriously, she lost 40kgs but her bones took time to strengthen and are still quite weak. Why mothers need to look after their Bone Health Mothers tend to lose Bone mass rapidly, especially nearing the menopause age. Calcium is the main pillar of strength and they need calcium at all stages of their lives. As kids it was very easy for us to drink a glass of milk everyday but when we grow up we tend to lose these habits along the way. Osteoporosis makes your bones so weak that they can break with the slightest amount of pressure. Thus It is very crucial for women and female athletes to keep a check on their bone mineral density. Researchers believe men or women, leading a very active athletic lifestyle are also at risk of developing Osteoporosis.?Osteoporosis in athletes is associated with the age of onset of training, duration, intensity and volume of training, diet and stress. Bone Mineral Density is mainly comprised of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D ?and Vitamin K Why Fast&Up Fortify for strong bones Fortify gives highest amount of elemental calcium. Magnesium also works in tandem with Calcium. As a distance runner we often hear the word 'muscle cramp'.? Low Magnesium levels are associated with an increased incidence of muscle cramps. Vitamin D3 often known as sunshine vitamin is also essential for the development and maintenance of bone for its role in assisting calcium absorption and it also helps in proper thyroid function. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for collagen formation. Vitamin K aids in the binding of calcium to the bone matrix. Vitamin B6 helps prevent bone loss. How to Use: Fortify is an effervescent tab, its dissolves easily in water and is quickly absorbed by the body. You don?t have to swallow it. Just dissolve one tab in 250ml of water and its ready to drink.? Don?t be surprised by slightly chalky taste, blame all the calcium present in it. And yes most important thing for me, it is very gentle on my gut. I have been using Fortify for almost a month and I take it after my meals. I have put my mother on Fortify too, as in post-menopausal women; poor vitamin K status is shown to be associated with increased? bone loss.?And I know for a fact she won?t be eating enough greens to meet daily needs of Vitamin K. Fortify promises to be your complete bone care and if you still haven't given it a try, I would strongly? recommend it to every athletes and their mother. It?s time to show your bones some love.

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