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Published : Aug 10, 2017
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Monsoon season is the season of surprise virus visits, visiting your body and leaving their footprints behind in a way which weakens your immune system. Im BUT HOW DO YOU STRATEGISE YOURSELF AND STAY PREPARED AGAINST SUCH VIRUS ATTACKS? The only strategy you can deploy to stay prepared against virus attacks is through Vitamin C supplementation. VITAMIN C is perhaps touted as the most searched vitamin on the internet as an effective antioxidant and as a primary solution to any viral infection/disease due of it?s potential virucidal effect against almost any deadly virus. Every cell in our body has a function which in some way depends on Vitamin C. There is overwhelming research to support the health-benefits offered through Vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C is not only essential for supporting, strengthening, and optimizing immune system but also a powerful and most capable antiviral agent. Viruses are brutal and cause destruction in the body when they go on war against body. Vitamin C is a warrior against virus. It acts as a shield and protects our body against any viral infection. Vitamin C has a potential virucidal effect. Vitamin C has been clearly indicated to kill/inactivate viruses. It exerts a virucidal effect as long as Vitamin C reaches the virus. It is also said that there is hardly any virus that can survive in the presence of Vitamin C. It is also needed to detoxify a pathogen or an allergen which has entered the bloodstream. Im2

    Vitamin C uses many ways to defeat and overcome the superpower of virus. With an adequate and enough concentration in the blood, Vitamin C can directly inactivate virus. Vitamin C helps enhance production of WBC?S. It also enhances production of interferons which helps prevents cells from being infected by a virus. It also helps stimulate the activity of Cytokines. Cytokines are signaling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses. They act as chemical messengers and are important in cell signaling. Their release has an important effect on the behavior of cells around them. During virus attack, the body?s supplies of Vitamin C normally goes down as the body?s defense system utilizes Vitamin C stores in body to fight against that virus and Vitamin C levels drop low in the body. This causes the person fall prey to virus attacks. The anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant properties of Vitamin C also helps improve symptoms like inflammation, weakness, fever, etc. Viruses cause damage in the body and can cause walls of the blood vessels to become fragile, break and lead to bleeding. Some viruses might also end up destroying special elements in the body like platelets. Im3 Many deadly epidemics like Chikungunya, Swine-Flu, Ebola, etc. are fatal and such viral diseases produce stress in the body where the pathogens proliferate and toxic metabolites are disseminated. These viruses are fatal and have is an abject experience to anyone going through this viral attack. This increased oxidative stress accounts for nearly all the symptoms associated with the infection. Such infections have an overwhelming negative impact on the body and results in impairment of normal interaction of biomolecules. The body goes under stress when the body with its limited arms and ammunitions, resources is striving too hard to bravely fight against such deadly and powerful virus attacks. If the body is deficient while such surprise virus visits and attacks and has a weak defense system, the body will not be prepared and will lose in this battle against fatal viruses. Such interactions with viruses can be prevented with daily and optimal Vitamin C supplementation. The treatment or cure for some of such deadly virus attacks is still under trials and research is still required on it. Vitamin C helps successfully defeat and eliminate such unpleasant viral hazards from the system. Undeniably, Vitamin C has a pronounced victory against such brutal viruses. Im4 A delay in Vitamin C supplementation can impair body?s ability to combat a viral infection and will allow it?s establishment in the body. Clearly, Vitamin C appears to be something in which we appear to put much faith in. Wondering what to take in to charge yourself enough to win against virus attacks? Here?s your defense against virus: Im5 FAST&UP CHARGE is an effective antioxidant supplement with 1000 mg Vitamin C. 1000 mg Vitamin C helps boost your immunity. With 1000 mg Vitamin C, Fast&Up Charge guards you against virus attacks and helps you stay healthy from inside and outside in this viral monsoon season. Clearly, FAST&UP CHARGE is the need of the hour. Fast&Up Charge helps strengthen your immune system and boosts your defense system to strategise itself against monsoon viral attacks. No more immunity on hold when Fast&Up Charge is on role! Monsoon Tip: Take Fast&Up Charge for a Healthy Monsoon! This Monsoon; Stay Smart, Stay High on Immunity with Fast&Up on Duty! Im6 

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