Published : Apr 10, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Are you bored and tired of seeing the challenges on Instagram multiple times? Then this is the space for you to look at some spectacular bunch of things you can do at home. Like many of us who are in lockdown today it becomes even harder to find for things to do.

    Here is the list of things you can choose from or do all of them :


    Working on your body never goes out of style and never ever will. Next time you are bored put away your inhibitions and procrastination into the dustbin. You can start with simple home workout regimes and start doing them now.

    There are millions of videos available on YouTube which can help you work on your form and by the end of this quarantine you will carry yourself in a better way. Workouts like yoga, HIIT do not even require accessories to start with, so just grab your pair of shoes and work on yourself.

    If you are one of those who already workout then you can take up new challenges and by the end of two or three weeks you might finally be able to do it. Bring out the weighted push-ups you put away because it was too hard to do, this is the time for you to work on it.

    2. PUZZLES

    Have you ever broken your head over a 500 or a 1000 pieces puzzle? If not, your chance is here. Puzzles will not only keep you entertained for days together but by the end of it the satisfaction you will receive is beyond words. Bring that 1000 pieces of nightmare out today and start putting it together.

    At the start you might regret bringing it out but as the time goes by you will start loving your journey. Pro tip – start your puzzle by joining the end pieces and make a base for yourself and work your way through.

    Puzzles can also include something like Sudoku or crossword that is easily available on your local newspaper or you can even find applications for that. Passing your time while doing something intelligent like puzzles can build your concentration, make your mood and you will never get bored of them because there is always a new challenge at your hand.


    The one thing everyone does when they are bored is eat, so why not put that to use and learn some new cuisine or a new dish which you can later eat too. Cooking is so versatile that you will never exhaust the list of creating a new masterpiece of your own.

    If you live with your parents, you can tag along to the kitchen and learn some family recipes your mom has been making since years. If you are alone, YouTube is your friend, just search what you would like to eat and then voila just make it.

    Today is the day for you to bake a cake, or make some amazing cheese pasta. Grab your aprons right now and head to the kitchen, you will forget all about boredom.


    The easiest and the laziest thing to kill your boredom is to watch something. Binge watching can never get better when you have all the time in the world. Choose shows you have put on your Netflix list for far too long, take suggestions from your friends, or just randomly search best shows/ movies to watch and you will never know where your hours went away.

    Streaming these days has become so easy and convenient, almost all movies can be found on these portals. So, make use of your amazon prime, Netflix or Hotstar accounts.

    Shows you can start with if you have not watched -
    • Friends (Netflix)
    • Dark (Netflix)
    • Game Of thrones (Hotstar)
    • Suits(Amazon Prime)
    • Stranger Things (Netflix)

    5. SELF CARE

    The one thing everyone forgets to do is invest time in self-care and self-hygiene. When you are bored you have all the time in the world to invest in taking care of your body. Self- care is not only for women but men can also be equally involved in it.

    All you need to refresh your mood and to rejuvenate your body is a long hot shower with amazing essential oils to start with. Have you stalled your pedicure or manicure because you are unable to go to the parlor, this is your time to check those home tutorials and pamper yourself.

    All the women out there, you can also try on new make-up regimes. Learn some new looks up your sleeve and have a photo shoot just for yourself. Create some new looks and flaunt them.


    Reading is one of the best habits you can pick up as of now; all you need is the book that has been lying on the shelf for far too long. Reading will soothe you and lets be real you get to learn a lot of amazing things which might help you in some way or the other.

    Start with a small book after which you can progress to the big ones. You can even find some free books available on the internet if you do not have one lying at home. There are a variety of genres you can choose from to make it more interesting. The plethora of options never ends with books. This is one habit you can carry for a life time and never be bored of it.

    Some book recommendations to start with:
    • Zen- The Art of Living (Chris Prentiss)
    • The Harry Potter series (J.K Rowling)
    • Becoming (Michelle Obama)
    • The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)
    • Kafka on the Shore (Murakami)


    If you are unable to still pass time after trying all of the above, you can just connect with your friends online and start playing some real-time multiplayer games. We are blessed with technology today and why not use it in the best way possible. Download some games on your phone and beat your friends at it.

    Games that are multiplayers:
    • PUBG
    • Ludo
    • Uno with Friends
    • Battle-Text
    • Snakes and Ladders
    • Monopoly with friends
    • You can also head to this page for some fun games and challenge your family and friends for the same.


    While you are Netflix and chilling and having all the junk you possibly can without caring about how much junk your body can take, you have to make sure you have something healthy too. So once in a day instead of popping a jar of candies or ripping open a packet of chips, peel an orange or a banana or take an apple and have it the way you like. Not too hard right? Let me make it even easier. Every fruit and vegetable has different vitamins and minerals and your body requires most of it, but you cannot consume all of it in one day. Hence, you should opt for Fast&Up Vitalize. It has 21 Vitamins and 9 minerals along with natural beetroot extract to fill all your nutritional gaps and maintain daily nutritional requirements.

    It is an effervescent tablet which means all you have to do is pop open the tube, drop the tablet in a 250ml glass of water, wait for it to dissolve and gulp. To make the long story short just Drop, Fizz & Drink. Make sure to keep track of your vitamins, they are crucial and should be part of your everyday essentials.


    You can now make the most out of your boredom, beat laziness and be productive. Let this be the start of your fun and fit days.

    Shane Narapareddy
    Fitness & Health

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