Things You Can Do This Women's Day

Published : Mar 05, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

    There is no denying in the fact that when it comes to health and fitness, women have been charged guilty of dumping it at the backseat. It could be for family, studies or career. Ladies, it's your special day. Go out for a spa or a movie or that Pilates class that you were dying to try. Spend some time with your girlfriends. Celebrate it in the way you want to.

    And for those of you who have no plans or are being too lazy to move a muscle, here are some fun things we have in mind that can make your day a bit more interesting.


    A fun way to refresh your mind along with pumping your body would be boot camp activities. These are going to be available for you on the 4th of March, at Anytime Fitness Gym, Andheri West and Multifit Gym, Andheri West.

    If you live close by, hit either of the gyms and get the chance to experience something exciting and thrilling. The Challenge would include fun activities that will give you an adrenaline rush. For someone who is not a member of the gym and still wants to be a part of the boot camp, they can contact the gym and let them know beforehand.

    P.s; if you see us, come say hi!
    Things You Can Do This Women's Day

    To celebrate the selfless spirit of a woman, Nebsports has organized a run in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai. The run is divided into two categories, the 10k run, and the 5K Empowerment run. Register yourself so that you don't have to deal with chaos at the last minute.

    If you are someone who has already registered, we hope you are well-prepped. Don't forget to make a checklist of important things like carrying Reload along with you. Beat the heat by preparing the drink in chilled water as it was not just cool you down but also replenish the lost electrolytes giving you an instant jolt of energy during the race.

    To know more about registration, venue and the time, visit https://www.nebsports.in/womensday-run/
    Things You Can Do This Women's Day
    Fun fact: This event is powered by India's favorite nutrition brand, Fast&Up.

    Things You Can Do This Women's Day
    Fast&Up FitSquad athlete, Rituja Udpikar has a 31-day challenge for you wherein she will perform simple yet helpful exercises that can be done using the mat. This challenge has already started on the 1st of March, but you can still be a part of the activity. All you have do is follow, Rituja on Instagram. You can also be a part of the challenge by sharing your picture of you doing exercise using the. Don't forget to tag Fast&Up and Rituja, also use the hashtag #MarchMATness

    We love women's day, and we are game to make it super special for you. To read more of fun-filled activities visit, www.fastandup.in

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